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I have keys for Post Scriptum and Halo 5 Guardians, and I'd like to trade one of them for Forager, or maybe other offers.


Hopefully this is allowed.

You’re really the only humans I trust with such a transaction.

Post Scriptum has been claimed.


You might find better luck at with this.


Or which seems to come recommended by a couple of people here.


i assume that Halo 5 Guardians is for xbox?


That’s correct!


I’m not sure if you have already found a trade, I’ve not got Forager but I do have several humble bundle keys to trade.
dead in vinland
x-morph defence
Aegis Defenders
Desert child
Soul Calibur VI
Regular human baseball
Sword legacy omen
Fluffy horde
Graveyard Keeper
Two point hospital
Bad north
Street fighter V
Dirt 2.0
Whispers of a machine
Them’s fighting herds
Mages of mystralia
Plaue Inc Evolved
Space run galaxy
Halcyon 6
Final Exam
Action henk

I would be interested in Post Scriptum if you find anything on my list that takes your fancy.


Sorry my dude. I traded Post Scriptum a while back.