I have achieved greatness? (Solved)

Seriously confused here. I think it’s a bug, but idk what caused it. I had a live stream going to Twitch and there was a network disconnect, but nothing else seemed odd. Then the hubs pointed out my level. Going to attempt reaching customer service tomorrow. Anyone else ever see this? I can’t seem to find anything online about it, and the PS4 help site doesn’t seem to address account info issues.

Edit: And for those who only play PC, this was a gigantic jump. Hubby has more trophies than this and he was one level higher at 16.


I feel like that probably isn’t a bug and it’s related to the trophy level changes Sony introduced yesterday:


I was about to post just that, haha. Nice to know the system isn’t broken.


Posting anyway, because I like video news: https://youtu.be/4S4JAE5diY0

I definitely missed the signs for this update, but I will say it’s a nice one. Now I want to actually go for more trophies and plats.