I have a problem with my windows 7 lately.

So for the past few months i was getting an error that my Windows 7 are suddenly not genuine anymore ( they are legal ) . I’ve found this little solution in the internet which helped me so far “SLMGR -REARM” typed in CMD solved the problem for few weeks at a time,but as for now it doesnt reactivate my windows as a genuine anymore.

I’ve searched around the internet and it is supposed to be some kind of bug but i had no luck with any ‘fixes’ internet suggested like uninstalling certain windows update supposedly causing this bug and few others.

Maybe any of you fine people have experienced this bug and found a solution or have any good thoughts of what i could try next?


Have you tried opening and closing it? (I’m joking btw lol)


Have you checked to see if you’ve got KB971033 installed?
That’s an update that broke a lot of genuine copies back in January if I recall correctly.


Yes ,i’ve uninstalled that seed of evil but i still get not genuine error even after REARM ’ ing .


It’s been awhile since I’ve used Windows 7. Is there a spot to Re enter your key? (I’m think this is similar to the Re-arm command, but might be worth a shot)


I do not have a key anymore sadly. When i try to re-activate it automatically i get error that key was blocked by Microsoft…


That unfortunately kills a few suggestions I had.

I don’t suppose you’d be interested in talking to Microsoft about it. (I expect they’d tell you to buy Win10 anyway)


Perhaps that your license key is being shared by… PIRATES ARRR… tbh i loved windows 7 so much to the point i hated everything post the force update to windows 10… yet windows 10 improved so much… SO MUCH that i started recommending it myself… i believe it s time for you to upgrade ( i hope that you signed for the free windows 10 upgrade back then… if not, you can manage to get a license for about 14$ at dlh.net


I didint and i really do not feel like using Windows 10 at the moment.


Taking a break from cleaning…UGH!

Have you tried Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder to get your original key?

This is a safe site and a good program…


I know why you like Windows 10. I have minimal proof. But I’m 90% sure Windows 10 was just layered on top of Windows 7. All the bugs was just them having a hard time forcing them to work together.

After digging into the computer, I was able to find the Windows 7 layer and basically use their shortcuts whenever my computer starts being rude.

It’s Windows 10. But…

I’m pretty sure it will not restore to a Windows 7 version. Hah!

I really hated the way Windows 10 hides everything I need anyway. So I’m glad I found all the things I used from Windows 7.


Well , what i can say. F*ck Microsoft :slight_smile: After trying everything i’ve found on the internet plus contacting microsoft about this issue i got answer from them that they cannot help me in any way and suggested to buy windows 10 …

I guess i’m reinstalling not so legit windows then.


You might not have to go for a full reinstall. If you boot on a windows 7 disk I believe the recovery options it offers can let you change keys and “rescue” your current installation. It was a long time since I worked with this stuff but I remember using those features for similar stuff before. You’d have to muck around in those menus and see what’s there though because it’s not all helpfully made available front and center.

There should also be a way to activate your copy over an automated phone service in there somewhere. That service MIGHT be discontinued though, I don’t know. My recollections are vague I’m afraid.

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The thing is that my key , which i bught 5 or so years ago has been marked as ‘blocked’ for some reason. Support do not know why and they ‘cant help’ me.

I think they pulled ‘Bethesda’ on whole windows 7 thing and ‘they are not planning to do anything about it’ :smiley:

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Well, maybe it has something to do with where u bought your key and where that seller obtained their keys in the first place; maybe there’s a good reason those were ‘blocked’; have u thought about that?

ofc that wouldn’t change the fact that yr an innocent victim, but it would at least explain why; and it would also make sense

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No no no no no!!!

You were supposed to say

“I have finally realized the error of my ways in dealing with this limiting OS with all its privacy issues and the way it spies on me,”

take a deep breath and go

“I’ll be moving to Linux!”

But no… you’re still keeping that crap.

Well I’m here if you ever decide that it’s time to join the open-source master race and have questions – especially about gaming which, btw, I have no issues with.

You could always do a dual-boot as well, which is what I do, because there’s like… two things I still need Windows for, sadly.

Aaaaaaanyways. Good luck with the whole Microsoft thing. :+1:

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I too have this same problem on my old PC. I guess it had win7 then I upgraded to win10 when it was free (Yes for a whole year it was free). I get this bluish nag screen about :Activate windows…" I went online to read how others fixed it- talked about clearing Brozer s. Did I get this nag screen because I was using Firefox and not always win Edge, e. Or It started after update…And my computer is old…can’t handle any more updates??? I am asking for help, and will read more of the suggestions abouve- like Delenns one about majic jelly bean to unearth the Key-made sense to me…Will it work and how do I do it!.. One fix that didn’t work because I not successful at dumping the temp files- went into start button (Is that CMD)-%TEMP%…