I have 18K coins, Is there anything worth buying?

I have 18K coins, Is there anything worth buying?




Not really

It depends.

Do you want it now?
What type of game are you looking for?
Are you looking for something amazing or something decent?
Are you looking for AAA quality or indie?

There are tons of questions that merely say the answer to that question is subjective. So… It depends.


Look on the new coinshop releases area and you will hear ppl talking about the games see what they say really.


I have 95,000. Get used to it. First time you see something worth buying it’ll already be sold out. Has happened to me like 6 times now.

I have 61k i dont really come for the games i come for the forum


If the games on offer do not interest you because you feel they are mostly indie titles not worth your time and FREE Chrono coins then here’s a good idea for you. Grab games that have Steam Trading cards then harvest said cards, sell them on Steam’s Marketplace and bam! Literal money for nothing, but no free chicks :grin: Granted you’ll only net a few cents out of them at most but hey they can and will add up after all, a few cents do make a dollar :blush:

Like now for instance. I just unloaded 17k coins for three Coin Shop games that have trading cards and I’ll be harvesting them later today. I’m currently out for work but when I get home I’ll fire up my computer, open Steam, fire up IdleMaster, harvest the cards, then Sell 'em in the Market :hugs: