I guess this sale will end in the past.

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i almost lost my cool one day when a sign said the deal had ended x hours+minutes ago
then i remembered my wizard mentor that taught me a secret magick ritual called F5(Shift+F5 if dabbling in the black arts)
and presto, i was instantaneously transported back to the future now the present soon to be the past once more, i don’t know if i dare try this another day again, messing with timelines can have paradoxical consequences, or so i told myself while i was teaching me the secrets of them magicks :upside_down:


Stop posting old news. I see the timestamp on your post and it was not a few seconds ago! :upside_down:

The first time I ever came on Chrono.gg it was a few minutes past the sale end and they hadn’t updated the deal, so there was this message too :stuck_out_tongue:

I see it almost every day. The timing of my coin check coincides with the daily change, when the previous deal has ended and the new deal isn’t quite up. Can still collect coins at that time, but I always check back later just to make sure. I don’t do much else.