I got an used CD-Key from Galactic civilizations III

I tried to use it and steam say that it was already used.
I used the CD-Key few moments after “buy” it

(Image deleted after several “people” trying to enter in my steam account)


@DOBLEeloy , I believe what you need to do is send an email to help@chrono.gg and tell them what you have typed here with the screenshot. Good luck, cheerio!


Next time you have a query like this, make sure the key doesn’t show on screen to avoid someone to potentially take it and use it (if it’s still usable), other than that, do what the fellow above me says, is the best course of action.


Well I think the issue at hand is that the key isn’t actually usable and showing a screenshot with the key in question being refused is probably the only evidence he can show to back up that claim. Not that it is very strong evidence but still. Certainly better to just send it to the support email rather than posting it publicly.


Oh, of course, what I meant was to not show it in the regular forums, in case it was a system fail or whatever and the key is still usable, but you still want to provide as much as you can to support


Yeah, but you can use Steam keys to attempt to regain an account… so no matter what, those should be hidden.

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Really? I had no idea.
Steam asks you for keys registered to your account as evidence you own the account? I should write down some of my keys then I guess.

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Yep, usually there’s a few steps of proof involved though. Technically, I can use my retail box of Quantum Break or Total War to prove I own my Steam account.

As such, you should always be careful about those kinds of images, just to be sure.

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