I get the message "Oh no, something broke! Please try again." when I try to buy a game from this site

I tried to buy Redout: Enhanced Edition since I have been waiting for a sale to buy that one anyway, however each time I have tried to buy it I have gotten the same error message; “Oh no, something broke! Please try again.”
I wondered if it were because of Adblock origin and as such disabled it, when that didn’t help I tried to disable privacy badger, then I tried to use the Microsoft browser, however in all instances, I met the same problem, your website won’t let me buy things.

A rather major design flaw if you ask me.


they can fix this. calling @frst @lonin for u


When that happened to me it took me ages to figure out what was causing it. uBlock Origin and Ghostery addons in Chrome. Turned them off for Chrono and everything has been okay since.

Hey, I’m trying to buy XCom 2 from TotalBuscuit’s tribute and receiving the same error. I turned off every addon and it’s still the same

Throw us an email at help@chrono.gg if you haven’t already, we’re working through those requests!

I disabled my anti-trackers, and when that didn’t work I tried to use Microsoft’s webprowser(without any addons), but that also didn’t have any effect.