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I feel so empty...


I still hope for emojis or similar fancies for coins. I care more about this little incremental game than the Coin Shop :<


Emotional attachment to a spinning shiny coin. We reached seagul level. But but… so shiny… I’ll miss that.


I would have received a Legendary Chest Today :frowning:


Cheer up, Seagulls rule!


Yes they do…Own the movie and the book :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


seagull and proud of it here


I feel you, I have been doing it for a very long time as well. it was kinda my thing, Check Fanatical at 4pm check at 5pm and spin the coin. it was fun and addictive.
coming to Chrono also caused so that i got to know a few streamers that are so much fun to watch.
I wish they hadn’t removed the Coin. they could just keep it there even if there is no point spinning it, I can brag that i hadn’t missed a single spin in 500+ days.


Can’t u just leave the coin to spin and collect? without any real use, just coins to have without value? maybe set as a title thing a changing amount with the logo to put nexto our name?
Who am I kidding :cry:
We had a good run boys, was nice while it lasted. Kudos to Chrono for everything!


Do you have any idea how many threads a week we’d get started asking about those pointless coins? If it’s just left as a gimmick to click that does nothing we’d get inundated with people asking what it does or why it’s there or accusing the site of being broken. No thank you.

Even saying that, I just went to the daily deal to click the coin and even found myself momentarily confused not finding the damn thing on there!


I went to click too :joy::sob::joy:

And you’re right. Hence my last line ^






It feels really weird not seeing the coin there and clicking it. I was like oh… yeah… It’s not there anymore. My routine without this just feels strange. I’ll adapt. Still weird though…



Dude, so went to click the daily deal coin… it’s so automatic, lol. Seagull.


So were my 70,000+ coins just deleted?!?


No they were donated to charity.


to the Save Bigfoot Foundation in fact

Bigfoot is very grateful btw


Oh, I did not know about that. It’s good to know that my 10,000+ coins were put to good use. :slight_smile: