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I don’t suppose there’s a way to get extra coins?


I need 221 Chrono Coins right now please. Before Algo Bot is sold out.


I’m not sure how many coins does this bag contain but i’m sure it’s more than 221 :moneybag:


meet me in the dark alley behind the dumpster

HEY does someone want to buy or give away a copy of squad

yo no one told me we could do back alley meetups for coins.


Y’all got anymore of them chrono coins?


you can buy the daily deal 23 individual times ? :grimacing:
other than that i don’t think there is a way to get an “immediate” coin boost not involving chests(/waiting) :confused:


yes, yr all welcome behind the dumpster, guys, but one at a time, and don’t mind the mess, and don’t worry about the fact that no one ever seems to come back out, just focus on the idea of getting those shiny coins…


oh yeah, lemme just step around this…



euh, never mind him, that’s just Gary, he lives here; he’s cool though, once u get to know him, just dont ask him about the scars…




yeah, euh, ehum, euh, dude, just, just ignore him, okay, he’s “special”, we dont talk about him, in fact, it’s better if u do not even look at him and just mind yr own business. It’s all good as long as we dont bother him too much

and to be fair, as long as u do that, he’s kinda cool too in his own way, i used to go to school with his older brother actually

however, if u (@Animosity) see this guy

then just run for it, ok, just run for yr life


On that note i haven’t watched lirik in a long time i’ve been busy with PoE.


yeah, haven’t seen u around, mah dood, but i haven’t been watching too much either, i jump in and out now and then, too busy atm


this dumpster party is too much for me now.

I’m sticking to my cocaine and hookers factory.


Willie Wonka? Is it really you?


The new Willy Wonka’s Cocaine Pussy Explosion will be on sale for £29.99 at your local stores next weekend.

I was trying to keep my identity a secret but now hath been revealedeth.


Hope it goes up on Chrono soon.


Got a chest today, so now I can afford the game that’s no longer available. Yay?


Had I been here at the time I would have bought it for you for realzies I swear


Press F to pay respects.