I Do Not Trade or Sell Cards...

Before I get any more requests, I will not sell or trade cards unless you want to wait the time( I don’t remember how long). I had a really bad experience with Humble and linking my account to my phone and it took nearly 3 weeks or more to straighten out…Proving games were actually MINE etc. I lost a bunch of dups from the early days too …which really sucked.

So Sorry…But No!


:+1:, you do as you please dear :hugs:
aint no one can blame you for not having/wanting the mobile app, or not wanting to bother with the hassle of trading either :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I say do as yu wish…Me I don’t have mobile app. So a trade takes 15 days—all the time. So me I get used to waiting …There are are lot out there in steam land that will NOT Trade me. I guess they see 2 weeks and say NO…I am still doing good, still level up, still have fun…


I use WinAuth which works pretty well. It defeats the purpose of two-factor authentication, but it’s an alternative if you don’t want the mobile app. Requires a windows system though.


Speaking of which, Valve really devalued the Summer Sale trading cards by giving away 6 per day for this sale.


naa, they’ve been giving extra away several times :wink:
i’m pretty sure the price is currently higher than it was last time, i think the cards were already down to 4€cents by now during last sale :smile: (still sitting at 5 now)


I don’t think it’s ever been as many as 6 per day though, right? I think it was 4 and before that it was 3? I guess i was lucky to sell the cards from day 1 for 7 cents each. I’m still listing them as high as 6 cents though, hoping that it’ll go back up a bit after the sale is over. I want to complete my other sets that i actually care about (and have fewer in the set).


i think you’re right it wasn’t 6, but was fairly high still, since get 3 queue always, any extra would make that a minimum 4 the last couple of times, if not more depending on the task
(think we got a more than 1 extra on the sticker game tho, not completely sure, there was a year we also got a tonne)

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