I did it, I published my first AMV!

Here it is!
And if you want to check out my channel, here’s that too!
I’d love to hear opinions, tips, and all round feedback, just thought we might celebrate.


Fact: I’ve never seen Red Vs Blue.
Fact: I dunno anything about making nor watching these.


I like the way the beats of the song appeared to emphasize the stronger hits and explosions (intentional or otherwise).

I like the way the shifting colors looked on the faces of the rotating miniguns. I think that section is super pretty.

I was disappointed we didn’t see the face of the unmasked robot arm fighter with the hair. Is that in the main show?

It got a bit choppy during the Banshee explosion at 3:20. Not sure if that’s YouTube or a video download issue.

I don’t know why the fighter near the end threw the two grenades up into the air. I assume there was a boost effect to knock the other off the cliff for the end.

I Think It’s Great! Excellent music choice as well, although I would expect no less. = )


Thanks so much! And yes, the choppy-ness is due to a rendering issue, I’m not too experienced to know how to fix something like that yet. And the unmasked fighter? she gets dropped and breaks her spine as she falls in the ocean… I was going to include all that but it was too long to fit in the song, if I ever do make another I’ll make sure to reveal more faces next time! Oh and the fighter near the end (Shark Face) uses his grenades to cause an avalanche. (like all that shooting and ground pounding wasn’t enough lol) This is the same guy who’s using the flamethrower in the previous scene, a nice little shift into the future where he takes his revenge. Glad you enjoyed it!


Not bad as a first… in fact not bad at all tbh… I’m your third subscriber lel…
Could use some more editing and audio synchronizing… the more the better lol…

Best AMV in my opinion

Best GMV in my opinion

My friend’s Editing…

Looking forward for your next one… :two_hearts:


Cool, thanks for the references! AND the sub!


OMG, I just got time to watch the GMV one fully, the coolest thing is, I was originally going to use either “Chalkoutline” or “I’m so sick” for my first AMV, that’s amazing. lol


Both songs fit perfectly for Gaming in general… nice choice…

Rap, Metal, Dubstep, etc… Even Mozart fits in with the right editing lol…

By Flyleaf… not the korean thingy right?..

May I recommend Make A Move by Icon For Hire the lyrics fit for GMVs tho…


by flyleaf definitely. If I ever do use Korean song, it might be one of Girugamesh, like this one

never heard of icon for hire, thanks! sounds awesome!


Yea they ain’t that famous but they have some pretty good songs…

Started to listen to the song but then it hit me… I can understand some of the lyrics lol… they are japanese xD


Released another one if you wan’t to check it out! It’s the Castlvania anime from netflix - Castlevania AMV


Gonn check it once i get on the laptop… Can I rate it as good before watching xD