I could use some help to secure an old IRC channel

A handful of friends of mine have been using this old IRC channel for a couple of decades now and unfortunately the population of this once flourishing protocol has harshly diminished and our little “community” with it. We were doing fairly alright for a long time though, no one was bothering us much so keeping the channel under control without network support wasn’t an issue.

It has now become an issue. Unfortunately we do not have the body count to register the channel and gain proper protection in it and that’s where I’m hoping a few of you guys might be willing to help. I need at least 4 people willing to come join me on IRC, register a username with the network in question and in a few days time support my bid to register the place. It may then take about a week for the application to be processed during which time I would require you to join the channel and at least periodically say something.

I will need at least 4 people who will need an IRC client, connect to one of undernet’s servers, Budapest.HU.EU.UnderNet.org is the one that’s worked best for me and join the channel #D&D. Register an account at https://cservice.undernet.org/ and then finally not screw me over by rejecting the supporter role later down the line.

One additional thing, once you are connected you need to log into X, the network’s channel management service by typing out

/msg X@channels.undernet.org login <username> <password>

UNLESS you’re using the webchat in which case there’s a checkbox “Login using services” which allows you to input your account details to do it on connect. This doesn’t seem to work.

While it doesn’t matter where you type it I’d suggest using the system window just in case you fuck it up you send your login credentials to a public channel. Something someone did today, because he couldn’t figure out that quotation marks should probably not be included.

Once the registration is confirmed I don’t think there’s any need for you to stick around, though I wouldn’t mind if you did. Thank you.


I could. If you know newgrounds, then I can at least use this as proof of my dedication to doing something every day for little to no reward.


Though, I think as my reward. You must always refer to me as your best friend.
:fist_right: :fist_left:

It’s a tough price to pay.

I checked out your links. But the budapest one is down?



That’s because it’s not a website, it wouldn’t respond to http(s) requests, it’s an IRC server it would only respond to TCP connections at port 6666-6667. For which you would need an IRC client. It’d be cool if browsers supported IRC though, but unfortunately they do not. Though you can of course create a web client for IRC like mibbit or something if that’s still around.

HydraIRC or Icechat are two pretty good and easy IRC clients that are not mIRC. All of which are free to download.

Glad to have you bestest new friend!


Ok. I’ll register an account.

I appreciate you too!


I don’t know what I’m doing but I registered.

Just let me know when I can do the next step.


I think @delenn13 can help you out with this.


Anyone can, it does not require skill, knowledge or previous experience. Only willingness to help. There is nothing explicit that Delenn in particular is able to help with, if she wants to join though she is greatly welcome, as are you.

@GDbringer next step would be to get yourself an IRC client. Alternatively you can use undernet’s own webchat, which I just remembered exists.
Pick a nick, fill in the channel #D&D. Fill in your login information from the account you just created and connect. Say hello or unburden your troubled mind if you wish, it’s a chat channel so feel free to use it as one.


I am more than happy to help out. Think I joined it correctly. Let me know what else I need to do.


Undernet is still around? It used to be a steamy pile of :poop: My last excursion in to IRC was Galaxy net. I really don’t want to setup another chat program besides being on IRC with no protection is not my idea of fun. Got discord and telegram for my roms and TV needs.

If you get desperate, let me know.