I am not a Monster: Complete Edition is not complete edition?

I just bought I am not a Monster: Complete Edition for 15 000 coins and when I want to redeem it, Steam says I need to own the base game first. I got code just for the DLC? Or did I not understand correctly that complete edition is not base game + DLC?



send mail there; they’ll sort u out


I have the same problem, tried to activate on both my accounts, didn’t work…


That’s probably because they divided the game. The singleplayer is now the core game, and the multiplayer is DLC. Looks like they didn’t manage the previous keys well, and Steam now sees them as the multiplayer version.
Several other games did similar reorganizing before, and they were able to sort it out. You most likely got temporarily stuck in the mess bc they only changed it yesterday.
I wonder why they decided to sell the multiplayer separately though… it is infamously inactive as it is already.


True. Imo they should have specified that in the title, that its a DLC… i wasted my coins, i wont be able to buy from the next set of upcoming games…


@skunkz0r, just email them. They will sort it out.


And now it’s gone from the game store, and not even on the list of past games… I smell a conspiracy!!1!one!

In all seriousness, I’m guessing something went wrong on the other end (the suppliers of the keys) when they swapped the singleplayer and multiplayer as DLC (was MP with SP DLC, now it’s SP with MP DLC). I redeemed my key before they switched it and everything went fine.


The issue isn’t with Chrono, people who had the key before could activate it while it was still only just multiplayer, and you had access to the multiplayer part of the game.

Then they added the single-player campaign and called it the complete edition.

People who had the key previously automatically had the complete edition.

Now they gone and modified the Steam page to read: First Contact instead of Complete Edition

And people who could play multiplayer before now cannot unless you spend extra money to buy the DLC…

This is totally bogus, and maybe someone can look into the game and let us know if you only have First Contact without the Multiplayer DLC, if you can still access the Multiplayer servers.

The game was rather dead to begin with in terms of its MP player base, so I am not sure how charging extra to people who even had previous access to it would lead to any more players.

Is this a poor business decision or was it just a complete screw up on their end? Either way, it’s sure to make people angry.