Hunt Showdown (Closed)

I have manged to get a Key.
Just to warn anyone else thinking of giving it a go, its not running very well at all (as 11th Feb)
I have an i5 and a GTX1060 and its choppy as hell.

Greeting! :wave:

Has anyone out there got a Key for “Hunt The Showdown Closed Alpha” they would be willing to part with.
I have some unused game keys I would be willing to trade for it. :crossed_fingers:

Many Thanks In Advance!


A crytec game? I thought they were done with that.

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No its still being developed, Im not sure if its still the same Crytek team but its just be release in closed Alpha.

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well even shroud & summit1g had trouble with frame drops and stuttering now and then and they both have high-end rigs.

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It’s a CryEngine game and still in development. Remember that the last game CryTek had a hand in was Homefront: The Revolution (with DamBuster cleaning it up by the end of development).

CryEngine is already a brutal engine on your system, let alone a game that hasn’t been properly optimized.