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Nvm EyeQue saved my wallet heroically :hugs:


Both keys have new homes


Waaait maybe I can give you something for Unexplored before I purchase it myself? haha
Games? Cards?


I don’t need/want anything for it, man. It’s yours if you want it?


In trouble again - Bendy and the Inky Machine… temptations rising, lol.


Unexplored for $1 is quite good.


Erm ,Shantae: Half-Genie Hero looks sweet but shilling out 9euros for that is a hard sell for me atm.


If Shantae was in the bta, or there was another top tier game at this price level, then even with my total poverty at the moment I’d be hard pressed to resist the call of the metroidvania (can’t wait for Bloodstained to get cheap!). Way Forward don’t make bad games…

edit - also, as ever, not the ultimate edition either…although looking at this it reminds me that Monster Boy is due in mere days and I still haven’t got Wonder Boy III yet either.


@EyeQue Is a super hero!:heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:

Thanks, @NICK9X9 :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Agreed. 100%. Never saw her game before now, but she’s as cute as a button. ^^


I have one game from the franchize,Pirate’s Curse i believe ,completed it few years back and it’s very good and fun metroidvania with very dear art style :slight_smile:


I already own Shantae and Ill say this, Id actually pay full price to buy this game again. I was always a fan of Shantae even from its conception back on Gameboy Color. Half Genie Hero is definitely my favorite in the series. If you opt not to get it, at least listen to its soundtrack , sooo good.


Yes, the Shantae games are very good. Really fun, colorful, awesome music, ton’s of power-ups, humor and a cute protagonist too! What more could you want! Oh I know. More games. There’s less Shantae games than F-Zero! Wow… To think I thought F-Zero had it bad. Since there are only currently 4 and a 5th one coming out this year which I had no idea about until now, it kind of makes the argument a mute point, but still! We need more F-Zero and Shantae games! But I would rather have a few amazing games rather than a million crappy games. But what would be even better is if there were a million awesome games! That’s the problem though with the gaming industry. You put out too many games, your going to get crap. Anyways, enough of my rant. Something I find cool is Shantae first started off on the Gameboy Color. Too bad it wasn’t originally on NES or anything before the Gameboy Color. An NES version would have been awesome! Those chip-tunes would have been dope. I haven’t beaten any of the games, but I do know that I love what I have played. I still stand by their awesomeness!


Definitely true on that one. ^^ That’s quite a history on the game too. :slight_smile:


In case any of you liked Unexplored and/OR are interested in rogue likes OR interested in funding games check out Unexplored 2:


I noticed I have 14 friends who have Unexplored and it has 4 FREE DLC’s including the OST. Not showing any of you owning them.

Shout out to @EyeQue, @Gnuffi, @YQMaoski, @snake153, @AcornAvenger, @wearyamoeba, @Truly, @DanosaurJr, @GanbaRANGER, and @missiloon. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you @delenn13, it doesn’t show when people have it, possibly because they are free DLCs. I had them all in my account already. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, well. I am sure some have missed it…


Ahem :wink: