Humble Tabletop Bundle

Now here’s a bundle that got my attention, not because I want to buy it really, I have almost everything in it.

But maybe some of the rest of you might be interested and then just maybe I could resurrect my attempts at a tabletop gaming club here. So let me tell you about the games on offer.

Ticket to Ride - Fun strategical game where you build train routes on various maps. You build your lines from train cards that you draw and try to piece together by colour and length to claim lines on the map. You also try to fulfil route tickets in-between different cities, the longer the route the more points but also harder and riskier as people can cut you off with lines of their own.

Talisman - RNG the RPG. This game can be fun enough, can also be a boring drag if you’re running a streak of bad luck. You’re on a quest to reach the crown of command at the center of the board to rule the world with, or some such. You have a fairly large number of characters with various strengths, weaknesses and specialities to chose from and you gather gear, spells and other things to empower yourself with by rolling dice and moving about the map mostly at random.

Carcassonne - I’ve never played it myself but it’s a strategic tile placement game where you build up a region of France, you put down a “meeple” somewhere on the map as it builds up and once it’s all done you score the locations of the meeples and the highest score wins. Not sure how that works, but I’m sure it’s not too hard to figure out.

Mysterium - Never actually heard about this one myself but co-operative deduction games can be a lot of fun with the right people.

Armello - Better than talisman and plays fairly similar, thanks to the game having a time limit built into it’s basic features it doesn’t drag out as badly. Can be a lot of fun even if you’re on the back foot and obviously losing, as you can still mess with the other players easily enough and try to change the final outcome. There is as in talisman several characters to chose from with their own strengths and weaknesses and ‘intended’ tactical approach. I’d say it’s certainly worth the $10 for the top tier, especially if you have friends to play with.


Mysterium is amazing… the real version of it is probably the best tabletop game I’ve ever played! My gf loves it so almost every time someone comes over I need to waste like 30 minutes setting it up :smiley:
The PC version is not bad at all and I bet you will have fun with it - I’ve spent some time testing it. It’s good for ppl that never played the real deal, because you are missing on a lot without being able to see people reactions :smiley:

Small board for two players - picture

No idea why I bothered to search for this picture in my phone… took me like the same amount of time to set up the game instead :smiley: And no idea why someone would care for it, but I found it so I don’t want my effort to go to waste :smiley:

We might play it sometime if enough ppl get it.


I disagree. Allow me to point out why.

Alright I actually just realized I don’t feel like typing because I spent the last hour coding so bear with me.

1. Essentially, you can’t play with your friends the way you used to anymore

Here are some reviews/posts





Long story short:

  1. You can’t queue multiplayer with friends. If you don’t have 4 friends, you can only do custom matches against bots.
  2. The mp matches take long to load due to bugs and decrease in player base.
  3. The bots are badly programmed and aren’t challenging/don’t really know how to play.

2. You get no DLCs through that HB offer

You miss several cool characters, making the deal a 50% off on a base game that, with every single DLC, costs $58.44 dollars.

3. “Road to 2.0”

Read more about the recent wave of updates on their website:

  1. We’re not there yet, and haven’t been there since February, when they started it.
  2. It has no ETA. If anyone finds it, I’ll update my post.
  3. Most of the recent updates are bug fixes generated by the new updates. As one of the reviews I linked above said, the devs seem eager to push content out without properly testing it first, making players get stuck on matches, lose items, crash and so on.

Here’s devs realizing that and talking about it with the community a few days ago.

4. Finally, it has been 50% off on Steam several times before

It is no better deal than anything offered in the past. Source.

Bottom line

IMHO, if buying for Armello, I say wait until it’s at least playable and 2.0 has been pushed out.


All good points, well argued. I was not aware of the state of the game development-wise. It baffles me that they made it impossible to play multiplayer games with one or two friends as that’s what I was doing exclusively when I last played it. I wouldn’t have said Armello is worth $10 on it’s own but I would say that the whole package Armello included is.

As you say though no DLC is included and those have never been very deeply discounted, the cheapest “collectors edition” has ever been seems to be $31 and that I can’t really recommend to anyone.


Thanks so much for the reviews, alerts, and sharing~
Ticket to Ride sounds like a game I would learn a lot (I love learning through playing), Thanks onLooSe for sharing what you know with me about Mysterium. Sounds Basic Tier is a seal deal!

I have never played a Pathfinder Adventure game though, so wondering how good those are… I only like simple tabletop games like Adventure Time Cards War. Not keen on complex ones like Call of Cthulhu or Anachrony, plus Absolutely zero interested at Magic The Gathering (deck building game)

It would be epic to switch the top tier to Tabletop Simulator instead of Armello… Having said that I have never played any of these games in this bundle. I have Tabletop Simulator on Steam it’s a lot of fun good dozens of decent tabletop games.


Would these require having Tabletop Simulator, or are they all standalone? I’m still not sure how TS works.


No these have nothing to do with tabletop sim, that’s an entirely different beast.


I’ve been on a “Digital Tabletop” bender since a couple of weeks now. Since i didn’t care for the animal art in Armello, i got the middle tier for that deal. I especially like the fact, that Carcassonne, Pathfinder and Talisman are included. :+1::+1::+1: