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Humble Strategy Bundle 2019


Tier 1:

BTA (Offworld Trading Company is F2P):

Tier 3 ($9):

Tier 4: ($15):

Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with strategic combat(?) AND massive conspiracies spanning millenniums.

I will always vouch for Stellaris, MP or SP! :+1: :relaxed:

I have played some Civ VI too and I enjoyed it, though I’d recommend it only for MP. However, given that I generally like to play games with friends/people, maybe not the best opinion for Civ VI.

Now I can think about Ashes of the Singularity. Hmm. :thinking:


That’s just the multiplayer though…does it have a good single player campaign? Not spending money at the moment, and fortunately this bundle’s not too hard to pass on. (third tier looks pretty good value though).


That would be the appropriate tier and pricing I think for those two games.

Oh, I am not sure, I haven’t actually played, I was informed of the F2P aspect of the game. I guess the core game is 19.99… so much complicated…


i snagged tier 1, because that was a given for 2/3 games, if not straight up 3/3 :blush:
couldn’t go for tier 2 because i owned the games there minus the dlc, and that i can’t justify 5bucks for
and not interested in tier 3 with Stellaris from Parad(lc)ox, i’ve grown weary of their game model,
and tier 4… well i haven’t even started Civ5 yet, so i’ve yet to even add Civ 6 to my library… don’t think i’m ready for the “1 more turn” withdrawals again just yet :sweat_smile:

-but playing God for a dollar :thinking:, i can go with that :+1::grin:


IIRC, Totalbiscuit made a video over off-world trading company.


Stellaris is worth $9 on its own. Buy the bundle.


I did the same, I figured if I saw Ashes on sale for $1 I would buy it, and I have been curious about Niche too for a few weeks. (I actually got an offer to stream it for 3 hours for $100, but I didn’t have time to do it, so I passed completely)


Nice! How did that land on your lap?


I think it was a mass PR outreach by the publisher in trying to gather a bunch of players at once. They were pushing a big update package and wanted some post-publishing exposure with active streamers. What’s odd is that I don’t stream, so why they reached out to me… :man_shrugging:


Oh my God.

I can’t believe Niche is on T1.

I audibly gasped.

EDIT: I don’t care about the other two, so 2 questions for yous:

1 does anyone have an extra copy of Niche?

2 does anyone want whatever the two other games are I don’t care?

Not sure I’ll get it yet but just throwing these into the void.


I’m contemplating getting the bundle mostly for Civ VI and Plague, Inc. If I do, I could spare the copy that comes with it.


i mean, you could just buy tier 1 for niche (which is still a damn good price for just 1 game alone) -and then you’d only have 2 leftover keys perhaps
no one says you have to buy tier 4 if you own t2/t3 :wink: but tier 1 even if owning 2/3, is still a pretty good offer if you actually want the one remaining :+1:


I am as usual both tempted and turned off by stellaris, wont go into the details on that topic again here though. I have Dungeons 3 and Offworld trading company, never played it but why not pile a DLC onto the back catalogue.

I have nothing from tier 1 and the only reason I’m curious about Niche is because you folks are going all cross eyed over it and I’m wondering what I’m missing in it’s appeal.


i think it’s the prospect of playing “God” :smiling_imp:
there is just something strangely alluring about being a crazy scientistperforming experiments in a basement, implanting giblets from subject X into Y, making new beautiful specimens to try more unwitting test and experiments on :crazy_face:


Have you ever played a Civ game or Civ VI? I mean I think it is worth it almost entirely for Sean Bean but if you like turned based strategy games you may very well love Civilization VI.

It also runs very well (at least I think it does).


jk but one day i will manage to brainwash you


I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but as a long term fan of the Civ games going back to the orig Playstation / Civ II, I’ll recommend all of them up to and including 5 (in fact especially 5) but I utterly rage quit Civ 6. The balancing seemed horrendously skewed and the AI seems to actively cheat. Here are paraphrased versions of my last couple of games;

“Oh yay, I’ve got my first city up and running enough to go settle another one! Oh, no wait, while I was doing that, some other random civ now has me penned in with 4 medium sized cities and a full army. How in the name of…”

“Oh great, I’m on the last part of building my spaceship for a Science victory just a few more turns! Oh what, enemy civ spy has sabotaged it, despite my own spy being stationed and every other safety net in place. No bother, these things happen. Few more turns to repair stuff and I’m good to go. Oh no wait, it just happened again. Right, repaired NOW surely… Ahh, and again. WTF and again? You have to be kidding me… right fine I’ll just… [Random civ who was halfway back on the tech tree 7 turns ago has just won] AHHH GO */%^ YOURSELF”

I was lucky my monitor survived. The urge to insert my keyboard in it was intense :expressionless:

Civ 5 on the other hand is my own personal crack of the computer gaming world. Half the landscapes of my very dreams are in a hex grid arrangement…


have you tried endless legend? if yes what did you thiunk of it?


Ooo I haven’t but thats gone on the list for a much closer look! Thanks :slight_smile:


i might have a key somwhere in a dark corner let me check
oh no its an endless space key sorry :frowning: