Humble Stardock Strategy Bundle

Tier 1 (1USD):
Sorcerer King: Rivals
Dead Man’s Draw

Tier 2 (Beat-the-Average):
Galactic Civilizations III + Crusade, Retribution & Mega Events DLCs

Tier 3 (13USD):
Star Control Origins + Earth Rising Expansion + Soundtrack
Star Control I & II
Star Control III
Galactic Civilization III: Intrigue Expansion
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

Recent bundles have seen Humble get a lot of criticism for having weak third tiers, so it’s nice to see a bundle with what seems to be a strong third tier. Star Control Origins’ lowest price has been around the $9-10 range by itself, so if you’re just interested in that game with its DLC it’s probably worth considering the bundle. I’ve also been quite keen to try Gal Civ III so I’m strongly considering getting this bundle.


It’s worth noting that there’s a lot of Gal Civ III DLC that isn’t included in this bundle.


As a fan of RPG (especially turn-based tactical ones), T1 is good enough for me.

Would give Gal Civ 3 a try, but the current BTA price is a bit steep for me.


Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve seen a BTA price so close to tier 3


I assume it’s not hard to explain given the content of BTA :smirk: