Humble Spooky Horror Bundle

A new bundle has appeared for the horror lovers. :slight_smile:

Games included:

Tier I
White Noise 2
Layers of Fear
How to Survive
How to Survive 2

Tier II
Bioshock: Remastered
Yomawari: Night Alone

Tier III
Friday the 13th: The Game
Dead by Daylight


Humble does game bundle still? I had almost forgotten that was ever the case.

Yomawari and Detention are kind of neat spooky games, not sure they’re worth the BTA cost on their own though and who doesn’t have bioshock (and want’s it) at this point?


Same, it’s been a while since i have been on their website to check out a new bundle. :smile:

And yeah, those two games caught my eye as well, they look fun. If i decide that i really want them, i might just go ahead and buy them off of somebody separately instead of getting the whole bundle.


Beat the average games look pretty neat but the rest looks kinda “eh” to me. Also, it’s a little weird that they’re doing this bundle now when Halloween is only a couple months away. I guess there’s never really a bad time to play horror games!


True, and who know what horror games they will add (if any) when Halloween comes. From their past bundles i can see them have some of the same games again…


I loved Detention, so I highly recommend it to you guys!

Few thoughts

Detention’s story is well written and the art direction is exceptional. Very atmospheric, but not really scary. If you’re looking for a game to make you shit yourself, that’s not it. If you’re looking for great atmosphere and an interesting and provocative story, that’s it. I think the true horror of the game lies in unveiling the actual story behind it. It also has some highly interesting real-life lore and historical aspects that are well-tailored with the game mechanics.

Downsides are its length, a few really weird puzzles, sometimes poor level design, unremarkable soundtrack and maybe a little bit too much focus on its hidden meaning rather than its horror elements.

Hope the above helps someone make their purchase choice, regardless of what it is!

PS: if someone, by any chance, gets the bundle and wants to trade Yomawari, please let me know and I’ll pm you the games I have and maybe we can reach a deal! Been eyeing that one for a while, but it’s the only one I want, so.

PSS: @Fraggles about Bioshock: I don’t own it because I feel like I won’t like it – I could be wrong, but…

I only have Infinite and haven’t played it yet, only a couple of hours at a friend’s – I had fun, but then again my friend is a super fun guy. However, I feel like at this point you’re 100% right and everyone that wants Bio owns it, alongside Layers of Fear.


not much my fancy this time around, and yes humble, i already own bioshock, twice over, -oh wait it’s the remaster? np, wait, no; nvm still. They gave that out to people that already owned the original on steam, why wont you cater to my specific desires ?! :triumph:

think it’s fair to point out those 2 games are like night and day too, -just because you liked/disliked 1 is no guarantee you’ll get the same feel about the other
(and personally i love all 3 ofc, even if we don’t “just pretend” that last half act in bioshock 1 doesn’t exist :wink:)

-and agree with @fraggles again ofc, most people probably already have such old title, remaster or not

and no fault of the other 2 remaining in BTA, but i don’t see myself paying “a king’s ransom” of 7$ for them on their own, -guess i’ll wait another month to see what Humble (maybe) graces us with on their next try :man_shrugging:


Bioshock is quite good. The real dealmaker/dealbreaker here is definitely Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th. If you had any interest in the closest we’ll get to Evolve being a success, the top tier bundle isn’t bad.

Other than Bioshock, I don’t have much to say about the first two tiers. I will say that Bioshock Remastered is much more stable and looks much better on a visual level than the original releases. Many of the crashing issues have been patched since then. However, I recommend leaving texture filtering for BS1R at Anisotropic 4x… not 16x. It helps.


The first tier is definitely worth it for How to Survive. The rest does not interest me enough to pay more than a buck for.

Also you could just buy first tier and donate everything to wikimedia. So you would be a good person for doing it regardless :innocent:


I’ve always been somewhat keen to play Bioshock, but never have. Not interested in the others though, so this bundle is a no-go for me.