Degica returns to Humble with a bundle of software, music packs, tilesets, and resource packs you can use you bring your game idea to life! Boot up RPG Maker MV or Visual Novel Maker + Live2D and let your imagination run wild.


Tier 2 is worth it so much, especially since it includes 2003. It is the best maker because it legally allows you to import the amazing graphics into any engine you own. It was always my favorite (own most of these outside of Steam). My favorite outside of 2003 is XP, which is extremely versatile and can allow non-baby anime designs if you want it to.

Hopefully one day they return to that more serious pixel art style but yea, love the RPG Maker series! :slight_smile:


Then let me ask you, worth it for whom really?
These are just tools right? They’re game engines for copy/pasting your way to a game of your own. I’ve been a bit confused about both their popularity and number of versions out there. Or are these more like platforms through which you can play ‘community content’ sort of games?

If I have no intention what so ever of making my own game, is there really any point in buying these bundles?


I am with @Fraggles about this. What do you do with this besides make games? Can you use this in something like Tabletop Sim??

Plus they have the Card bundle…Could you use that with TTS?


If you have no intention of making games, no, especially at full price. I bought them with the intention of making games or little fan projects (of other games) of my own, even should they never see the light of day. Because it is something I always found enjoyment in. Plus, I had legal access to its assets and I could use it to learn the scripting languages available to them.

But again, if you have no intention of making games or making a use of its creation studio part, I doubt you’d ever use it. And I especially doubt you’d like the chibi engines, which restrict you in map making quality and character quality.

As to what they contain…

They contain:

  • The client tools: which allows you to create games entirely. There are NO missing features.
  • Starting Graphic Packs: this means you come pre-equipped with sprites and tilesets (what the background sprites and and “fill in” sprites are referred to as) so that you may immediately start. You are also able to import graphics and music and sound effects, just be sure you do so legally (so buy them, create them or look for free to use stuff)
  • Scripting Windows: the ability to script or to use other people’s scripts (such as adding new features entirely or overhauling base features) as well as to “script” events.
    *The ability to live test freely whenever you need to: create a scene, press “play” and test it as if you were playing the game yourself.
  • the ability to play other peoples’ projects as well.

Tons of other micro features and whatnot, and some more advance as you go up the series (with 2000/2003 being the oldest in the series), but when you buy them, you get a fully functioning game maker in the style of a SNES or chibi sprite design (in XP, provided you can craft the graphics yourself, you can change the style). They are actually very versatile systems. You can do a lot even without Ruby scripts using event scripts…provided you take the time to learn the system and try.


I have an extra rpgm vx pm me if you want it.