Humble Software Bundle: Painter - Create With Confidence

Calling…@Inferry, @terryndonita, @Rilover, @Whitishmink, @YQMaoski, @GanbaRANGER, @CptMold, @yitzilitt @AHMEDJXZ @Fraggles @dogetail @truly @eishiya @WikiTora @coralinecastell @BlivetWidget @whitdemon @NICK9X9 Let me know who I left off…LOL

It’s way too rich for my blood right now since I got stung by the HB Monthly. I MAY get the first tier.


A bought some of these corel products (not sure which version these seem updated) in one of their earlier bundles, a word of warning they do those pop up notifications on your computer thing so be prepared to turn them off. They are good products though I had one of those painters and it did watercolour type things.
It’s still on my previous pc (as well as shared family pc) however lol but I don’t really have space on my new pc anymore due to all the games :slight_smile:


If anyone here uses Painter, I’d love to hear what it’s like! I haven’t really heard of Painter since 2007 or so, I’m surprised they’re still in business with how many good painting programs we have now that are way cheaper.

(To be honest though, I’m just waiting for Krita to improve its text tool and then I can probably just switch to that for all my high-res art needs.)


No money for this stuff, although I don’t think I’ll be making good use of it anyway, I use Paint Tool SAI almost exclusively and currently waiting to get enough for a new PC that can withstand Krita to try that, even the brushes packs will be wasted since I’m used to making my own… on the rare occasions that I need to do that :thinking:

Thanks for the notice thou, and yea it’d be nice to hear what others think about these programs.


I bought my wife the last bundle with paintshop pro. Paintshop pro is the program she uses for photo editing. This bundle seems more geared towards the artists as the last one I bought was geared for photos. My son has tinkered with the digital painters but still hasn’t gotten into them enough for me to buy more of them. I have set him up an art studio in the basement and he is taking welding at the career tech center. So I am thinking he may just be more of a hands on physical artist. Thanks @delenn13 for letting us know though it is always appreciated :grinning:


Well this bundle had a newer version of paintshop so I gave in and bought it for her. Now I have some questions for the artists. The brush packs… What are they? Do you need a specific program to use them in? If they are something we won’t use here or can’t use here I may have to rehome them.


If you click on each program it shows info…

This is from the Animation Pack:

"Compatible with ParticleShop (Photoshop Plugin).

Dripping, glowing and twinkling brushes dramatically create magic on the canvas before your eyes. The Animation brush pack is complete with customized tools to create a work of art straight from a movie scene, or to build characters with such precision they’ll look like they jumped out of a storybook.

15 brushes included
Compatible with Painter 2017+ and ParticleShop
Compatibility list:
Compatible with Corel® Painter 2017+
Also compatible with the following software through ParticleShop plugin:
Adobe Photoshop CS5+
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® CS5+
Adobe Photoshop Elements 13+
CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6+
CorelDRAW® Technical Suite X7+
Corel® PaintShop® Pro X6+
Corel® AfterShot 3 and Corel AfterShot Pro 3"


Thanks @delenn13 :heart:
It appears she could use them but she never will as she does more family pictures and wedding photos. She never adds things that are not there except for the rare occasions of adding deployed soldiers or dearly departed to said photos. So if there is anyone who uses the programs listed and will use the brush packs let me know. I am about to leave for work right now but will check back later tonight or in the morning.