Humble Seven Deadly Sims Bundle


Well, I’ve bent quiet for while regarding the forum but I’m here again, now talking about the bundle, the 1st tier doesn’t look bad, the 2nd either, Police Stories looks really good, I like that atmosphere of being in a real cop case, you can die from a single bullet, looks more tactical that going straight up and shoot everything that moves, I like it, TheHunter is just amazing and for Total tank I know it was on Choice few months ago same with Ancestors, they other ones didn’t drew my attention


I thought Bridge Constructor Portal was really fun… until it wasn’t. Past a certain point, the puzzles become heavily dependent on large cantilevers and crisscrossing paths, which means that even after you have solved the puzzle in the traditional sense, you then need to spend much longer nudging planks just a hair here and there over and over in order to get the timing and bouncy resonance just right.

Total Tank Simulator was fun, but I didn’t play through all of the campaigns. I felt like after going through two campaigns I was pretty satisfied with it. I would say I only had two complaints. First, the maps are quite small and so everything happens very quickly. Second, armor is just another HP pool and angle of attack doesn’t affect penetration. Still, I did enjoy this one.