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Humble Raw Fury Bundle


1 tier

2 tier current BTA

3 tier

4 tier

Talking about odd combinations the second tier I think is unbalanced, kingdom classic is a worthy game but the current BTA is too much for it, the first one is… ok I guess, but only interested in bad north, I’ll pass this one


I have every game in here other than Mosaic, which is on my wishlist, but I will be getting that at some point I am sure.


Mosaic is a visual treat at first glance, but yeah, another really odd mix. shrug


Well, less of a weird mix since it’s a Raw Fury set of published games.


Can’t argue with that, myrr.


The worst HB bundle for me, tbh.:smirk:

Most of them have been bundled so many times or given away for free before…

Whispers of a Machine and Two Crowns are the only two games that I’m interested but don’t own yet.