Humble Paradox Bundle

well this looks delicious

I.E. I don’t have those games and they’re guaranteed to be the cheapest here :smiley:

so I think I’ll get the middle Tier, as I already have stellaris, thank you humble bundle

but I had to miss a few monthlys, so I ‘ve missed the pillars of eternity month before :’(


I feel exactly the same. Although I do have to give Paradox the credit they deserve, while they do churn out an awful lot of DLC for some of their games they are for the most part actually good pieces of content and more akin to expansions than the pisstakes we tend to expect from most other publishers. The games also do tend to be in complete states in their own rights.

But with all that said I still have a kind of hard time with it because it just feels bad to buy “half” a game even if that is not strictly true, there’s still this lingering sense of dissatisfaction with the whole thing.


TotalBiscuit released a video about it recently if you like his kind of review, I have not watched yet, only seen the game popping in steam a while ago, didn’t even know it was from Trine devs.


Only thing I know about Nine Parchments is that it has (had?) some problems with DRM, even in the DRM free version.

Oh & something about some of the hats you can gain in game are restricted to online/co-op mode only. Handy if you do that, but some folk dislike online gaming.

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Booted up Pillars of Eternity. Forgot how in-depth cRPG’s are. I have now finished creating my character :smiley:

PoE Time


about the time it takes me just to decide a name :crazy_face:, or single hairstyle/colour :joy:
-seems legit, :+1: :smile:
gotta love dem rpgs


Pillars Definitive at a bargain price on

Now sold out again…