Humble One Special Day Bundle

Something slightly different. :slight_smile:


86 cent one is okay but i dont really like this bundle :confused:


You HAVE to get the lowest tier for Binary Domain! That’s one greaaaat and unique TPS, the only bad thing about it are the controls, but those are configurable afaik :slight_smile: I finished it happily and it took me 11h, I do think there was an alternate ending to get, too…also I remember some insane plottwist…
Biiig recommendation from me!

BTW, from Guardians of the Galaxy:


I’m gonna have to get it for Binary Domain and Guardians.
And Crazy Taxi is there! I mean it’s the worst version out there, but it’s Crazy Taxi!


too bad i own every game from tier 1 & 2 except from olliolli. Not worth


made me feel like an entitled brat when i looked at this weeks offerings and went :grimacing:

that tier 2 inparticular feels like a major dropped foul ball…
grid 2 alone was in their own tier1 bundle just a month ago,
alpha protocol been handed out more than wet-wipes at a daycare,
i thought flashpoint red river was almost illegal to rebundle at this time with all the previous bundle ptsd it had,
and that just leaves surgeon simulator which doesn’t exactly make that tier2 price shine on its own

if tier 1 wasn’t only 1$ i’d comment on how much re-recycling was there to make it unfit even as pulp for discount toilet paper,
but the cheapness of it make it potentially worthy to grab for those that somehow missed binary domain, streets of rage when they were handed out before, or if someone just got a hankering for crazy taxi or olliolli it might be worth a buck :+1:


Just checked your profile…!!! You don’t appear to have played it! It’s a great but flawed game, which I’d definitely recommend if you enjoyed the Mass Effect games.


I’ll have to recommend this too, one of the best story games out there it even brought a tear to my eye