Humble More Board Games Bundle by Asmodee Digital

TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get Ticket to Ride: First Journey, Gloom: Digital Edition, Love Letter and Twilight Struggle

TIER 2: Beat the average price to also get Pandemic: The Board Game, Carcassonne – Tiles & Tactics, Carcassonne – Inns & Cathedrals, Ascension: Deckbuilding Game, Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game, Mysterium – Hidden Signs and Mysterium – Secrets & Lies

TIER 3: Pay $12 or more to also unlock Scythe: Digital Edition and Pathfinder Adventures: Obsidian Edition


Looks interesting. Ticket RIde: First Journey looks like a cute version of the one I already own. Thanks for the share.


I wish I could recommend these bundles but Asmodee and Humble are making it so very hard. Only thing in $1 tier I would recommend is Love Letter which could be a fair bit of fun. Twilight Struggle is really good for that price, it was far higher in the tier list on the last bundle, but it’s a very time consuming 2 player game so it’s not going to fit a lot of people.

I would really like everyone to buy the BTA tier because Mysterium and Carcassonne are supposedly very good games that I really hope to get to play at some point.

I would have to do some research into the other high tier tittles before speak in them and for now I need to go to bed.


@Fraggles I’ve got one of the Mysterium games from a site’s giving that and Ticket to Ride for free. Tier 1 is likely as high as I’d go though.


I might get tier 1 for me and my friend if it is online multiplayer does anyone know if any of them have online multiplayer.

Edit: I think they are online multiplayer


Ref Ticket to Ride: First Journey.

Requires 3rd-Party Account: (Supports Linking to Steam Account)

that’ll be a no thanks from me.


I believe that is the case for all Asmodee games. It’s for logging into their servers for multiplayer purposes. But for the first journey version of ticket to ride it seems stupid since that one doesn’t have online multiplayer.


The regular ticket to ride doesn’t appear to. If it does then Steam needs to put it on the store page.


I think you can probably play single player or offline multiplayer without one, but to the online multiplayer needs an account as far as I can recall. So I suppose it doesn’t technically require it.


There’s a couple of repeats in this bundle that I’ve described in previous posts so I’m just going to link the posts in the footnotes for those entries unless I have something new to say about them.

Tier 1
Ticket to Ride: First Journey
This is the simplified children’s version of the proper game, it doesn’t have online multiplayer. I really do not understand why they keep putting this game into these bundles.

Gloom: Digital Edition
Middling rated card game with a mixed steam review score. I think the steam score is primarily because there isn’t a living multiplayer community for it, this is a common curse for digital board games. Since I’m trying to create my own little boardgaming community here it’s something I tend to not take into account. There does appear to be a few quality of life failings to the game, like long drawn out animations that causes the game to move at a crawling pace but also with far too fast turn timers that might make learning the game and playing it tough.

Love Letter
Highly rated card game where you try to create and deliver love letters while also needing to discredit, and otherwise attempt to prevent your rival suitors from doing the same. The digital version appears to be faithful to the physical game and runs well as far as I can tell, for 2-4 players. I’d recommend getting tier 1 for this game alone.

Twilight Struggle*
Very good price for this game, if it is something you believe you might enjoy. Do read my previous comments on it first though.

Tier 2
Turns out this game is only local multiplayer so that kind of sucks.

I want you to buy this game.

Deck building game that seems to be quite good, but there are a few worrying things going on under the Mostly Positive rating. ONE review suggests that the multiplayer is nonfunctional due to account registration servers being down. The forums are also full of people complaining about a host of quality of life and basic PC port options the game appears to lack. Hard to tell if there’s a real problem here or not though. The physical card game is pretty well rated though and deck building games can be a fair bit of fun. Ever so slightly tempted to get BTA tier for this and the DLCs for the other games I already have.

The best tabletop game @onloose has ever played, I kind of want the DLCs myself.

Tier 3

I’ve gone back and forth on this one a couple of times this morning. The game is pretty highly rated but it appears to have a few critical flaws. This is a tactical planning efficiency game where you construct a plan and then have to execute it better than your opponents execute theirs. Player interaction seems to not set you back too harshly which can be a good thing but also might just make it so bothering to fight each other seems pointless. The worst part that I’ve read about it to me is that it seems there’s not much room for creativity and personal flair, your strategy will be mostly decided by the first few cards drawn and straying from that path is fruitless. Still seems like it could be a good game for a long time as combinations of cards and factions are numerous. Not sure if it warrants the $12 tier however, if enough of us do buy it and want to play then it might.

Pathfinder Adventures*
wtf is this one doing up here?

To read more about other games see these threads:




Very nice synopses on these titles. Might still get Tier 1 for the cutesy Ticket to Ride, but not terribly excited about Love Letter or any of the others.

Pathfinder Adventures seems to have come up for sale a lot recently.

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I love Pandemic as a board game. I might pick up the digital version if it was in the $1 category, but the reviews aren’t enthusiastic enough for me to jump at this.


It’s the obsidian edition, not that it means much, has 3 of the DLCs out of 6 available I think.


I might take it only for Carcasone… i remember playing that game in highschool … was fun but idk how a video game will be able to provide the same feeling of being a feet away of someone you want to beat up so bad

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It’ll give you all of the desire but none of the temptation.


Played Love Letter online multiplayer with a guest account yesterday. All other users also had guest accounts.

Don’t think it’s necessary. Cheers.