Humble Monthly (NBA2K17) game swap/trade (disclaimer)

Update Edit: I got mine traded, so all offers should go to @Fraggles

Got this NBA 2K17 from Humble, and sports games really isn’t my thing so would like to see if anyone is interested in swapping/trading games

[details=Summary] Take a look at my Wishlist, preferably something from my top 11 :smiley_cat: , but i’ll consider any worthwhile offers

Note: I’ll be providing a Humble gift link, so you’ll trade first, (not because i don’t trust you, gnomes are just inherently paranoid) :smile_cat:

!DISCLAIMER!: (due to Humble being weird now), possible/likely EU/EMEA region restriction applies to this gift link, be advised!
region restriction info found: [Humble Bundle] AUGUST 2017 Monthly Bundle (Incl NBA 2K17, Pillars of Eternity) 💜
[Humble Bundle] AUGUST 2017 Monthly Bundle (Incl NBA 2K17, Pillars of Eternity) 💜
[Humble Bundle] AUGUST 2017 Monthly Bundle (Incl NBA 2K17, Pillars of Eternity) 💜 [/details]

Update Edit: I got mine traded, so all offers should go to @Fraggles

I too have a key for this game that I wouldn’t mind trying to trade away.
So if gnuffi snubs your offer or this turns out to be popular hit me up 2nd.

Bidding wars @Fraggles!!! :joy_cat:
probably just makes it easier for the people that “want” NBA to get it,
since if something isn’t covered by my “taste”/wishlist it might just be that person’s game/offer is something you want to trade, :ghost:
so not a bad thing to “consolidate” NBA2K17 trades here that way then :thumbsup:

I didn’t get this bundle because I hate NBA so much xD what were the other games in the bundle? I’d love to know so I can maybe buy it xD then there will be one more key for this page!

the entire bundle wont be released fully yet, so for now it’s just the early unlocks, NBA 2K17 + Pillars of Eternity, and according to the leak, scroll down and see, supposedly also to contain One Piece Burning Blood
i don’t think Monthly bundles ever release in a fashion so you can know all games and still be able to buy them in time, so all there is is any potential leaks when those region locks+vouchers happen or something else that cause a leak

really? I took a break 2 months ago, april I think. and when I came back I could buy both bundles. It gave me both. I like one piece so :3 thanks for the temptation :3 if I get it I shall be back here to post NBA wishlist xD I am easy to please >:3

Nongünz was also leaked to be in it. The dev posted about it on some spanish forum (sorry, I don’t have a link).

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Well that looks like absolute shite, which region is it blocked in and can I still get there in time?

really? because that exact thing happened to me too and i did not get the past bundle despite “unpausing” again immediately when next months bundle was up

i believe the post mention it being Japan restriction (happens alot in japan or asia) so they just get vouchers instead and not the game
funny how some anime games are restricted in the country of origin lol

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I dunno then. maybe I unpaused on the cusp of the changeover day? I honestly do not know. I was poor at the time and just bought it when I could xD so I don’t remember the details 'cause I wasn’t doing that intentionally xD

Damn, Japan is a long way to travel for $3 :smiley:

The sad thing is that $3 coupon expires in about a month so there’s not much time to use it lol. I feel bad for anyone in Japan

yea, maybe, luck or not it’s pretty nice to have happen
i’m just annoyed with the release scheme, because i really didn’t want dirt rally, and the fact it was locked (making it equally difficult for me to trade like now with NBA) pissed me off even more.
Then it turns out that months bundle did contain enough games i could see potential in, making it overall worthwhile for me to get, but alas, too late at that point
(i’m really annoyed with how many publishers decide to put a god damn EU luck on games in general and even more when just for Humble, we should at least get ROW keys since un-bundled the games cost us in EU freakin more than those getting ROW/WW keys)