Humble Monthly- Dark Souls 3

New Humble monthly is out (I really hope I’m not redundant posting) the featured game is Dark Souls 3 and its first DLC, Ashes of Ariandel.

Edit 2: This isn’t a referral link. I feel it’s wrong of me to change it now, and I did not have the bundle when i posted this. Just wanted to put that out there.


Ahhh, so that’s why there are so many copies of Dark Souls 3 on Steam Gifts.


i really hate that they’ve been doing this lately

give main game and partial dlc,
so if you want the complete edition you are forced to actually buy dlc separately (that rarely gets good discounts) vs either having gotten the “full pack” in bundle or waiting for full pack to get highly discounted
neat trick to still try and make money off people while being “nice to put in cheap bundle”

undecided whether i’m gonna grab this or not…


I get this, but at the same time I keep putting off Dark Souls 3 and this is pretty cheap for it…


If you want Dark Souls 3 I’d say it’s a good offer. Sure it’s missing the second dlc, but ultimately if you wait for a possible deal that never materialises you’ll probably find that if you add up the costs of this offer plus the extra dlc *(discounted at a later date) it’ll probably end up around the same total.

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I get ya man, I hate that this keeps happening. They mustn’t have been able to get a lot of deluxe keys for their predicted people buying the monthly or something, there’s gotta be a logical point, aside from getting some of our money and letting bandai take the rest.

luckily, I got the dark souls 3 deluxe at christmas off humble? I think, for about 22 pounds, with both DLC, so if you factor in the 10 pound extra to get the other DLC, its about the same as what I paid for it. (but I am also defo getting the monthly, so it might be up to trade xD )


If you’re going to end up with a 2nd copy of DS3 I’d certainly be interested in trading for it.


I’m defo gonna end up getting the bundle, I always do. but 1 guy on the chrono discord called first dibs while we were talking about it last night :confused: I don’t think he has anything I really want though. regardless, you have second dibs, I’ll message you about it if I get it spare. :slight_smile:


Gah, curses!
Discord strikes again.


I still definitely think some kind of merger between here and discord would be great. things we post here end up there. and people from there have a link to here. I dunno the technicalities. but does anyone here even go on the discord? I know I do, but my name on there is different, its “scourge of humanity” another point being, most of us may have different names everywhere :confused:

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Why do things we say here end up in Discord? Who’s server in Discord?

I read that as “it would be great if things we post here end up in Discord.”

I’m not on the Discord, so I don’t know how it works, but I can’t imagine the things we post here are ending up there.

nothing is appearing there xD

but there is a chrono server, link available from the main page.


I was speaking in past tense :confused:



and @DanosaurJr I don’t think its likely to be possible either, the best thing would be to have a bot that posts the topic links, cause there’s a lot of bots about there. and the Discord is good for the augmented reality games that chrono makes up every now and then, the people there are extremely organised about that kinda thing I found it really easy to join in on the “necronomicon” stuff. there was a google docs page with a table explaining things and logging answers and who’s got what.

but hey, this is probably a different topic for a different day, maybe I’ll make a topic about it one day. I don’t want to overshadow OP. <3


For those who have done the Humble monthly before, how does it work? I just purchased the one month subscription, but at what point am I charged for the next month, and if I stop my subscription now, will I still have trove access for the rest of February?

if you “just” purchased this month, the one month, you should, in my experience, get charged immediately
and on the recurrent plan it “charges you later”, which then is somelike 1week before unlock friday
edit. autocharge on Feb 23th according to steamgifts thread [Humble Bundle] MARCH 2018 Monthly Bundle (Incl. DSIII + Ashes of Ariandel™ DLC + Overgrowth) 💜

If you are a recurring subscriber, you will be AUTOCHARGED ON FEBRUARY 23th, 2018

tbh i cant remember the trove thingy, since i’m a recurrent now and “always” have access too it
tho i’m “pretty” sure the months i opted out, i still had access to trove for that month? i just lost access to it and all other goodies once that month expired?, -tho i’m not 100% sure on this, as it’s been a while since i ditched it last and remembered to check my “bonus goods” status’. So probably try to get confirmation on that from someone else too
(either way you can just cancel a/any recurrent plant the “moment” before next payment is drawn, and keep all bonus goodies the month that way)

you can also “sorta” get around this automatically, by, instead of canceling subscription, just remove your monthly payment method/credit card “now” from settings, that way it just wont draw any when it gets time, and first cancel stuff as it then expires when you get the notification of “subscription payment failed”, or whatever it says


Cool thanks. I’ll probably just wait and download what I want from Trove, and then once my other games arrive just go ahead and ‘cancel’ the subscription.

@Gnuffi I was actually expecting Standard Edition for most of these. $12 already isn’t much, so any DLC at all is a welcome addition.

Last month was a little rough, but I maintain my position that there hasn’t been a bad bundle yet. I mean, we did get a lot of SquareEnix library clutter, but Owlboy and Civ VI are still nothing but gold. There’s one other cool game in the bundle, a physics-based platformer that actually feels great… but I’m not sure what it’s called. Can I get some help?

  • Snake Pass
  • Snek Pass
  • Mark of the Ninja

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Here is my ref link if you want to take it and help me, thank you.

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