Humble Jumbo Bundle 9

New bundle out and about and this looks like a pretty good one. If you want the games of course. They’re pretty good games though, don’t let @CynicalKirbE tell you otherwise.

So far the beat the average is kind of ridiculous value, but with American Truck sim for $10 I’d expect the price to rise sharply. I got it for $4:92

Anyone want to play Vermintide?


already grabbed it yday for 4somfin, even tho i already owned a couple of the games (hint hint, spare keys) :smile_cat:
and alien isolation + layers of fear incl dlc last week for a fiver too, Humble’s been good lately :smiley_cat:

good bundle even if or if not opting in for truck sim, definitely worthwhile to consider
and if not, you can at least get Flame in the Flood for a cool dollar, which is just an amazing offer imo!

why you still sitting here reading this? :confused:
hurry up and buy!

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Boom! Bought!
So much bargain.
And no hard decisions to be made as I’m not remotely into trucks.

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That’s exactly what I did. Usually, I’ll opt to beat the average price, but none of the other games interest me. The Flame in the Flood, however, has been on my wishlist for ages. Getting it for $1 is an absolute steal.

That Truck Simulator is the perfect gift for my brother. Great bundle, thanks @Fraggles!

Top tier for me. I used to play SCS Software’s 18 Wheels of Steel series when I was very young. I love road trips, Euro Truck Simulator never really scratched that itch just right for me because I’ve romanticized the American open-world in my head.

Flame in the Flood was a must get. Don’t Stare was never particularly charming for me but this one is right up my alley.

Human Fall Flat looks fun, hope I don’t get too frustrated by it.

Gifted Vermintide to a friend, he seems to appreciate it.

Just gave Verdun a try, realistic shooters are not really up my alley.

Now to wait for the reveal of the additional games next Tuesday.

The 2nd wave of games have been added now.

I don’t know about this one, I don’t tend to play party games a lot though this one does appear to have online multiplayer which puts it a notch above many of them.

This could be good, it’ll get itself a spot fairly high up on my to play list.