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Humble Jumbo Bundle 12




I got the first level…Seems I must have missed this when it was offered before.

I got 15 friends who have Pinstripe and it’s not showing you got the Deluxe Fan Pack!

7 page artbook/development diary summarizing the five-year development process. Includes print-ready poster!
3 ringtones and 3 text tones to impress/annoy your friends with!
5 iPhone HD wallpapers!


It’s @delenn13 to the rescue once again! :wink:

Thanks! I had the game in my library b/c I just added it from this bundle myself! :slight_smile:


They must’ve reversed the tiers. The BTA is so unappealing, the 10$ one generic and the 1$ tier is pure indie gold.


def not usable on any other screen than that of an iPhone ™


I thought that era has been dead since Jamba! closed its doors?

Hopefully someone gets that reference of companies back in the day selling ringtones and wallpapers via SMS


Did someone say Crazy Frog?

Pinstripe looks nice, but the rest of the bundle doesn’t interest me tbh (I already got Oriental and Highrise)


grabbed tier 1 immediately, firmly rejected tier 2 even at 4$, just not for me

yea that’s why i jumped on tier 1 in an instant because didn’t want to risk them reverse their mistake :smile:


Battle Chef (T2): really great game.

Pinstripe (T1): got it ages ago on Fanatical and still haven’t finished it, but I remember really liking it.

Couldn’t care for the rest.