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Humble Indie PlayStation Bundle 2019




US only.

All of the games in this bundle are available for PlayStation 4 and require an SIEA region PSN account


I think its a good bundle and in my opinion the first console bundle i have seen that is worth getting but for me at least only up to tier 2


It’s more than US but it still STINKS!!!


Such a weird bundle, look at all these PC games in this… playstation bundle?
This could so easily have just been platform agnostic and region free while we’re at it. But no can’t do that we gotta keep putting up arbitrary borders and limitations.

Why can’t you just buy these games and chose which platform you want them on?


That “deal” just grabs my goat!:exploding_head:

If you want InnerSpace, get it at GMG for 1.29

Just scroll down the list…


Checked your list and saw Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD in there, which reminded me of all the hoops we jumped through to get that Castlevania bundle from GMG a few months back. Maybe I should go ahead and play those games, I’ve been kind of failed to really get into anything for a little while here.


Most of these were on the Playstation Plus Monthly free games at one point or another. Kind of worth it if you don’t have PS Plus, but you could also save the money from this bundle and try to get PS Plus (At least 24 free games of this quality or higher throughout the year)