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Humble Indie Bundle 21



Grabbed the first tier immediately because of Beat Cop and extra soundtracks. Love them.

Would be great if some traded me Starbound.


Thanks, @dogetail :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

!0 years?? Their first bundle was so awesome. It makes me sad that this is what they offer for a 10 yr anniversary


Yea, all T2 content has been available as free before and the mysterious one should be HLD, which was also free for a period.:worried:


T2 is seriously weak. The BTA has been dropping. I hope it drops some more as I am planning to get that tier.


And you are getting it.:smirk:


It says tier 2 is getting more games in 6 days 12 hrs
I wonder what hmm ye better be good considering the other games lol

I think I will get tier 1 for the games not interested in the colouring so much tho X3 I mean I could do but ye


HLD most probably


How do you know it’s HLD?
Also, damn I wish there were better (to buy) games in lower tiers, I really want Hypnospace Outlaw


Yeah i saw from reddit someone saying that they knew that leak, they said there might be two games tho?


Some rumor. But it seems pretty accurate so far.


I would really hope so. But I doubt it.:roll_eyes:


I meant I was getting the BTA tier. The tier above that is what I meant by T2


Oh well, the current BTA price is still a bit high for me. Will wait a few more days to see if it will drop down. :thinking:


Hmm, what do you guys think?:thinking:


It’s a great game but i’s also really cheap. I wasn’t gonna buy the bundle anyway, but if I did I would have been really disappointed, I’m sure almost everyone was expecting multiple games and if it would be just one it would have to have been of higher value.

I thought it was cool to see mystery games after so long, but they messed up with this one.


Hmm, Moonlighter would be nice but 6 euros for that alone… not feeling it.


It’s not a very good game really, if you want a good store keeper and dungeon running experience get Recettear.
I would not recommend picking up a bundle for moonlighter alone.