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thanks Nick.

I know nothing about these games other than “anime”. Can someone enlighten me? What makes these good or skippable?


Well as a general description of how these games tend to play is that they’re sort of visual novels with some sort of extra dungeon crawling piled on top. They also tend towards being exceptionally grindy often requiring running through the same dungeon several times and even then there’s rarely that much functionally different about the dungeons to being with.

Mostly you just end up with a simple 3d space to run around in to chase down enemies whom you fight in a turn based JRPG fashion. Then on top of that they tend to add any number of other systems with character combo moves, equipment crafting that again requires even more grinding, simple quests of finding items, killing numbers certain enemies and the like.

They are strongly character and story driven games with the game part taking a back seat, they’re not great in my opinion. Though I would probably have enjoyed the story if I could stomach the game play, the neptunia games are fairly amusing if very anime campy.


Gotcha. I love me some story driven stuff but grindy is generally not much thing, especially with turn based combat. Thanks for that.


Neptunia was the game series where I heard the term “Thunder Tits”. Laughed so hard I had to take a time out.


Thunder thighs :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Fairy Fencer F and I don’t get along.

It doesn’t like me for not learning its controls. And I don’t like it for having characters with obnoxiously obvious traits that it somehow manages to constantly bring up and still doesn’t bother to provide context for beyond -This is them-.


Fairy Fencer F would be my thing… don’t think I mind the grind bit either. It can wait though - think it was the Dark one that more interested me.