Humble Hot Date Bundle

Well, I thought we are past February already, but I guess Humble is still stuck there.

Not bad, just not my cup of tea…

Tier 1:

BTA tier:

Tier 3:

Tier 4:


All in all, it looks like Humble is really trying to push people to buy that language bundle to learn Japanese so you can listen to the voice overs… :rofl:


Neat, I think we’ve managed to find a VN dating sim for @hivefleetbothan

it promises “explicit insect-ual content”

Out of the first tier only Highway Blossom contains anything explicit and only if you patch it.

For tier 2
Ladykiller in a bind the only one with sex scenes and some rape scenes, though all should be avoidable. But worse than that the character art looks really kind of wonky.
Though I suppose you could claim Genital jousting is nothing BUT sex scenes of a non-consensual nature.

Tier 3
G-senjou no Maou - Good mystery VN from what I’m told, featuring actual detective work. Unclear on the state of the 18+ patch as they’ve said they’re working on it. The widescreen version is possibly just the 4:3 visuals cut down to size so that’s kind of weird.

Sunrider - A pretty decent series of VN dating sim/turn based tactical combat sci-fi games. All 3 titles have 18+ patches to be had.

4th tier
Clannad - Old classic highly regarded VN. Nothing explicit going on here but the art is very old style anime which might look a little weird today. If you like romantic stories though it’s one you should probably have a go with.

All in all I think the 3rd tier might be a good pick this time around, if this is the sort of content you’re looking for. I probably wouldn’t bother with the BTA tier but maybe worth tossing $1 at highway blossom if you want some awkward lesbians.


bundle; meets wide berth… -keeps a close eye on the price for genital jousting :face_with_monocle:


I might get tier 1 to gift a friend. :thinking:


I was expecting Huniepop. Was disappointed.

Clannad is the only one I would potentially be interested in.


I am a big fan of Christine Love works, especially the two Hate Story explorative visual novels. But Killer In a Bind looks like it’s not my cup of tea, even though I’ve seen the writing and know it’s brilliant, as always. Maybe I’ll just grab the first tier this time.


You: interested in pairing both bundles and getting the best of both worlds for your Japanese learning experience

Me, an intellectual: Genital Jousting


@Gnuffi I have only one dating game that even comes close to my lifestyle.


I just realized there is a cactus in the picture…

which reminds me of this:



3rd tier seems interesting, and Clannad is a classic (or so I’ve heard), but I have no interest in the lower tiers at all. easy pass this time.