Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle 2019

The Humble bundles have been coming in a little late lately.

Some good stuff in this one, I don’t necessarily play a lot of MP games, but a pretty good bundle overall, and it makes my fingers and wallet itch a little.


You might be sat there thinking “I only want Think of The Children!”. This must be your lucky day. 0GG8R-WKA5H-KW6V? We say Zed, you might say Zee (sigh) :wink:


I grabbed it, thank you. Unfortunately didn’t realize it’s only local multiplayer, that’s going to make it a bit harder to get good use out of it.


Nifty, but never heard of any of those - save the $12 tier. DeathGarden has a cool title, forgot what it’s about, will at least peek at it.


I’ve played it for a bit. It’s from same studio as Dead by Daylight ( game i play a lot ) and it sort of has same setup of asymmetrical multiplayer 1 killer ( called hunter in this game ) and 5 survivors ( called scavengers in this game ) and well you try to survive and collect stuff as scavenger and hunter well… hunts :smiley: It’s okay game ,it was dead completely but they remade it from the ground up and now it has small but stable playerbase so you can find games pretty easily. Thing is i hardly have enough time for one such game and playing two at the same time is pretty much impossible for me so i just tried it and put it down for better times maybe.