Humble Hearts of Iron IV Bundle


Similar to the Stellaris bundle, 1 USD for a non-bundled game???, I’ll grab it, also seems to be the cadet edition, which includes some addons



Anyone else find the new bundle layout really awful?
It’s so much harder to tell what is included in each tier. Switching to a lower tier removes the higher tier things making a comparison impossible to do without switching back and forth. Is a simple segmentation really that much to ask for?


It’s terrible, and likely done on purpose to make more people buy the full bundle.
Been years since I’ve bought a bundle anyway, kinda feel like HB as a whole is not as good as it used to be.


Cannot agree more with you guys, but for this bundle, I like strategy games and I don’t have this one so instagrab


It’s terribly unintuitive and makes looking at the tiers a lot more confusing. It was working perfectly fine the way before, and there was nothing wrong with it. I cannot possibly agree with their current decision. I think the way it’s done now is to avoid having people look at only the lower Tier 1 part of the bundle, and of course them making it $1 for a game is probably making fewer people buy those tiers, not to mention the higher tiers are pricier and overall people are getting less out of the bundles than before.

Anyway, I have been buying a lot fewer bundles since the change, and I don’t really regret it. I am happy with saving a little bit of money to actually put toward some more expensive titles that I am going to buy anyway.