Humble Gift Links

I have a quick question for anyone who might know.

So Humble generates a gift-link when you decide to make your game/key into a gift. You then send the link out via email to whomever you wish.

I was under the impression that there would be some kind of notification from Humble to the sender that the original ink has been redeemed. But I can’t seem to find this information anywhere.

Anyone have any ideas? How to find out if your giftlink has been redeemed?

Thank you!


I don’t think you get any sort of notification about the gift being redeemed. But I believe that the entry in your humble library will be removed when it is. So if it’s still in your list of keys then it has probably not been claimed.


Hmm… there is one I know is redeemed, but it is still sitting there…


Well that’s weird, I’m reasonably certain that’s how it’s supposed to work. Been a long time since I used the humble gift link option but I remember I preferred to use the gift link system rather than revealing the key because it’d be removed from my library and pretty sure it was.

But I could of course be entirely wrong, send me a gift link to redeem and I’ll test it for you. : )


So this is the screen that shows up when I go to create a gift link:


@Fraggles, the only game I have on Humble that you don’t already have is Broken Sword 5, if you want it, it’s yours, buddy…


No thanks, that’s alright, I’d need to get hold of 4 then or have a gap and I can’t sit around with a gap in my library like that.
So yeah, that seems to support the idea that it’ll be removed right?


:rofl: okay, mister who cannot have a gap…

But the issue is, it generates a link that is still in my key library, but the link stays there after it’s been redeemed… so I have a link forever sitting there…


Problem solved, if I just use the link I know is already redeemed, I put it into my browser and here’s what I get:


@fraggles, this is only if you are interested… but you can get all 5 of them for 5.99 at the moment on Fanatical, with a 10% off code on the site as well: