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Humble Games for Trade (New Games Added)



Hello All,

Im not interested in Many of the games from humble monthly or what is now Choice, Is anyone interested in a trade for them?

Here Is what I have:

dead in vinland
x-morph defence
Aegis Defenders
Desert child
Soul Calibur VI
Regular human baseball
Sword legacy omen
Fluffy horde
Graveyard Keeper
Two point hospital
Bad north
Street fighter V
Dirt 2.0
Whispers of a machine
Them’s fighting herds
Mages of mystralia
Plaue Inc Evolved
Space run galaxy
Halcyon 6
Final Exam
Action henk

Here are my wanted games, I am interested in similar games too.

U Boat*
Project hospital
Radio commander
Workers & Resources
Keeper RL
The Mummy demastered
Planet Zoo*
Return of the obra dinn
Darksiders Genesis
Automation- The car company tycoon game*
freaky awesome
Tem Tem*

  • willing to trade several games for these.

Many thanks


I also have this Yakuza game that I don’t want to play from HB. But was thinking about a giveaway when the rest of the games of this month come out.
Trading may be more profitable but who needs profit when you can spread joy. That’s just me though :grimacing:
Hope u find some guys that are willing!


Do you have a Steam profile? Would be nice to get an idea of what sort of games might be a viable trade for Yakuza.


Sorry I don’t have a public steam profile, I’m interested in most genres, some of my wanted game are:

Civilisation 6
Sunless skies
Radio commander
Keeper RL
Project hospital
Disco elysium
Hearts of Iron 4
Total war warhammer 2 dlc only
Battletech dlc only

I know most of these are worth more but they might give you an idea of the games I’m interested in


Heeeyyy have you ever tried using Barter? (

It’s what I use when I wanna trade my games. Just a though, if no one here gets back to you!


If you linku me to your Wishlist, I’ll see if I have anything that might interest ye. :slightly_smiling_face: