Humble Dystopian Bundle

Tier 1 and 2 are both good options this time around.

If you haven’t played Beholder, it’s in tier one and you really should check it out.

I think I am getting Tier 2 for Orwell: Ignrance is Strength, and Rain World. Probably mainly Rain World.

60 Seconds is also frantic and fun (60 seconds of frantic resource gathering at the beginning of each game, and then a lot of reading/resource management to try to stay alive as long as possible.) I think this game is awesome.


Wow you fast :smiley:


Need nimble fingers usually to try for BTA tier stuff, so I try to jump in as quickly as possible. :slight_smile:


grabbed t2 myself as i saw it on 4$, seemed like an obvious choice at that point for me :blush:
#MoreGamesI’llNeverPlay :rofl:


I didnt think this bundle is for me. Bought it now.
Thanks for the recommendation.


Thanks, @YQMaoski. Got the 2nd tier…:+1:t2:


@coralinecastell You were looking for Orwell for your friend right? It is not free, like previously but not too bad here.


This would be the draw for me…then I read how much the game hates everyone and wants to frustrate and annoy…so, that’s that then.


I consider it “worth a try” anyway…


Please, does anyone have anything to say about Tokyo 42? :rainbow:


It’s a game with a pink and blue logo made by SMAC games.

No I don’t know very much about it, I spotted it as it launched and added it to my wishlist almost entirely due to it’s really neat style and I bought this bundle primarily to get it. It seems to have failed to get much attention though and I’m rather surprised to find it in the $1 tier at humble a mere 6 months after release, no wait, wrong year. Weird could have sworn it released this summer.


I’ll give my opinion on the game.
It’s kind of a 3rd person platformer stealth shoot them up. And to be honest it’s pretty good. The stealth feels pretty good and so does the shooting but your zoomed out a lot and you have to move your camera when you want to look in another direction, which makes it really hard to see depth which makes the plat forming pretty annoying.
Your in a pretty massive world that is completely open and has all kinds of side quest and random occurrences that makes it fun just to traverse around when you don’t want to do the story (there’s a pretty decent story, I haven’t gotten to far in though so can’t say to much about it) There’s a lot of guns to choose from and a lot of collectibles to find plus secrets so there’s a lot to do

Overall the games pretty fun and I do recommend it from the bundle cause it seems pretty cheap. Hope this was helpful


Super was, thanks Nate! Appreciated.

I read some reviews that said the combat is like one-hit kill and that the save-points are not very well placed and far apart.

I don’t deal well with games that are frustrating like that, I suck at stealth and platforming is arguably one of the few genres I hate… so despite loving the music, setting and aesthetics, I think I’ll pass. Thanks so much!!! :butterfly:


Bought tier 1 for everything except Orwell. Not sure yet if i’ll add it to my account or not. The other 3 looked interesting to me though i’m not sure when i’ll have time to try them (i have a lot of tests over the next week).


u might already have it given that it was given away for free a while ago


Wow, you’re right! I guess i’ll throw it on steamgifts.

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