Humble down under bundle

Seems like it hasn’t gone down the pan yet!

I snapped this one up immediately!
Especially as the first tier is the best one, imo.

Satellite Reign is a must for anyone who loved Bullfrog’s’ classic.


i think the bundle released 1 hour 10 mins ago
and pretty sure i bought it 1 hour 9 mins ago :blush:

already owned Armello,
personally not so interested in the hacknet or other hack-like games,
-but Hand of Fate, Satellite Reigns and the Warlock of Firetop Mountain for a cool dollar? sign me up :+1:

carrier pigeon away! (the only real way for any 1 dollar transactions)


Pretty nice bundle. Bought it for the tier 1 games. Already own Armello and Hacknet.

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The only thing I wanted was the DLC for hacknet but on principal, and general poverty, I’m not going all in for a single piece of DLC (although I did go $1 first tier)

+1 for $1 first tier

Picked up Hurtworld in a bundle split. I decided never to spend money on games again (at least for the time being) but trading/trying to win games rarely works out. Can’t be too mad about 50 cents spent, though.

I might purchase T2 due to the little bit of Hacknet I played on Origin Access that I enjoyed, but T3 does intrigue me, so not really sure what I will do. However, not really interested in any of the other games.

Weird bundle, really good first tier kind of poor 2nd tier. Seems to me like they should be the other way around. I already have too many of the games though.

That’s the Steam meta game. You’re not playing it right if you don’t have too many games!

Well I own 2 games, hacknet and Satellite Reign. Then there’s Screen cheat, Crawl and Hurtworld that I have no interest in what so ever. Leaving me with Warlock of firetop mountain that does look pretty neat, hand of faith which is pretty decent game and a piece of DLC for a game I own but never played. Worth $3.38? probably, but still it kind of feels like a bad purchase.

Which is why I can’t do any more than $1 no matter how curious I am about Hacknet Labyrinth…first world problems of too many games and too little spare cash!

Crawl is a really cool game, even just playing with the AI. I wish they’d add online multiplayer though :confused: Pretty decent bundle overall, only one I’m not familliar with is Satellite Reign. The rest are great with the exception of Hurtworld.

Definitely worth $1+, most likely worth the above-average tier provided you don’t have either Crawl or Hacknet, you’ll probably be able to get a better deal than $12 for Armello in the winter sale.

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I feel you. It sucks when great local coop games are around, but you’re the only gamer in the clique.

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I’ve managed to play it a couple of times with a few of my friends, and playing it locally is a riot. I think it’s an excellent game, especially in the environment it was intended for. Unfoutunately most people will probably pass over it because of the lack of online multiplayer accessabillity.

That’s my larger issue. Screen cheat is a really neat little idea of a game, absolutely pointless if you don’t have friends to play with. Crawl sounded like it might be fun played with a human opponent.

@Chafix satellite reign is pretty good for what it is, though as someone who wanted to re-experience Syndicate and Syndicate Wars of my youth it didn’t quite hit home. It has this kickstarter plagued feel of not quite living up to it’s potential. But there’s nothing actually wrong with the game.


For some reasons I think 1st Tier is even better than 2nd Tier. And Armello is on Tier 3 is a mistake, it’s not worth that much. But this definitely is a good bundle, no doubt.

And is this the message from IGN “we won’t change anything at all”? Well I need more time, still don’t trust it.

No, I doubt it has anything to do with IGN, bundles are most likely planned some time in advance and I would suspect it will be a slow process of degradation from here on out.

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all i can say to that is by quoting this

(and those are not the only atrocities with that months early unlocks)

given how humble have managed to misrepresent MSRP’s/bundles value before, and not even able to consequently set their own exclusive offerings value despite quoted listings,
then i would not be far from able to toss out an inclination, for them to tag on some utterly ridiculously “proposed value” on these early unlocks in this monthly’s bundle, after it’s revealed
(note how this time around there is no immediate displayed “cost” of the early unlocks, unlike all the other time, prior to full reveal. I’ll bet ya they got no issue smacking that price on after the release, and it’s likely to be laughable)
whether or not if it’s just a recent “that’s humble for ya”, or actual some mild string pulling we can blame ign for, i can’t say. But it’s a concerning trend these past few months…
-without ign’s involvement(supposedly)

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