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2 TIER Current BTA


You pointed out @Danacscott pre-humble,wow the last tier is HUGE

EDIT: I was looking to the bonuses, they include the soundtracks from several games and the premium humble coupon for the highest tier, 9 USD seems a good deal for premium choice.


Nuts, they just had to have Grim Fandango…


guys just pls tell me how much do I need to pay to obtain all soundtracks


i suppose the lowest tier, but i’m not sure


If you’ve never played Psychonauts then do yourself a favour and pick it up for $1 here, it is an outstanding game.


Bought the whole thing for myself, there’s a few in there for myself, and I think it’s definitely worth it. Double Fine has certainly put forth a good number of quality games over the years.


I heard Grim Fandango is good though


Yea, but they didn’t create those games, they remastered them :wink:


Many games here are made by them. Some, like Grim Fandango, are remastered, but ie. Costume Quest and Psychonauts are theirs


Oh right, yea, these all sound nice :+1:


Not my cup of tea, but a few in all tiers are very popular games so I’m surprised. Decent bundle, for sure.


Thanks @Donluis524 :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

So very tempting…


They put 4 more games to the BTA, That a huge amount of games


i really enjoyed my time with Stacking would recommend that game, cute little thing,
not sure how i’d go about the BTA “just for that” tho :thinking:


the current BTA is like 30 cent away the last tier, that one have more games, i would advise you buy the last one, also you’ll recieve the humble premiun choice


aye, just noticed that
think my sentiment was more in the line of, “if you hadn’t already bought BTA(+), i’m not sure if Stacking alone should sway you now” - for people interested in Tier 3 or BTA already Stacking is certainly a neat little bonus now


That’s neat, Of course they’re hiding the fact that only 18% of Spacebase’s reviews are positive.


Also ended up with a copy of Hack N Slash and Space Base in my inventory. Did anyone else???


yup same, wish i had paid attention to that before claiming the keys, oh well, 2 games in inventory isn’t bad i guess :sweat_smile: