Humble coding bundle + free world of warships item pack

Here is a software introduction bundle for anyone who wants to buy it.
“Virtual courses on game development, web development, computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence, data science, and more”

You can also get the free promotional world of warships stuff. I haven’t played the game much myself but here it is for anyone who is interested :laughing:

( Please note, redeeming the Free Tier promo content will lock your Wargaming net account from redeeming promo content in higher tiers. This promo is not applicable in certain regions.) -also this


My World of Warships item turned out to be for Warthunder and Airplanes. lol A bit disappointing as I do not play them (anymore), but free is free I guess. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Yeah I prefer warships XP


Meh, World of Warships = world of “permanently on fire and dodging torpedo spam” ships.
I don’t recommend it. Also, it’s exclusive to new players.

Edit: I should disclaimer that i haven’t played in years.