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Humble Choice for Jan 2020-What Are You Choosing and Why?



I bought Grip in Early Access and have never got to grips (sorry) with it. I gave my son the key from the Humble Choice bundle and he loves it. Thinks it’s ‘amazing!’. Different strokes…


Thoughts on the February games? I find them kind of underwhelming. I already own the games I’d be most interested in ( Underhero - great game and it was a Coin Shop game here awhile ago, Pathfinder, Book of Demons, Okami (but I own it on PS4)


I am rather excited for the top left corner of 4 games…

Pathfinder’s historical low is higher than the price of the bundle for me, so I will grab it for sure.


I’d probably say that there’s enough good games to warrant the price on offer. I’ll most likely be pausing though as I just plain have too many games. None of these are games I’m itching to play right away and I already have frost punk which would be the primary pick on this list, okami a very close 2nd.


This is where I’m at. I have to look at the rest of the games because I already have Frost Punk and I would want something else to go with Okami.


I’m definitely taking Okami, Pathfinder, Shenzhen and The Hex, not sure about the rest 6. Cryofall has a 8-hour demo mode, so I’ll check it out before unlocking this month. Frostpunk looks a bit overwhelming.

Gonna unlock early solely because of The Hex. It looks positively weird and seems the developer progressed much since Pony Island. Can’t wait to see what this game throws at me.


I didn’t realize it’s from the creators of Pony Island. I looked at some screenshots and thought “What The Hex is this” but now I’m intrigued.


Dang Humble not being paused in January. If nothing else, I want Book of Demons - it’s really fun in 15 minutes bursts or so.


sigh I might need to pause this month as well. Shenzhen I/O might be good. The rest are either not my style, or have mechanics I don’t think I’d like.

Cyrofall looked maybe okay until the trailer said “online MP”, My first thought was “great, so get stuffed by griefers in the first 2 hours, sounds absolutely awful”.

I just don’t think I need another 7-8 games to add to the 35 other games I haven’t claimed yet.


Shenzhen is pretty cool. It’s similar to other Zachtronics games and has a fun solitaire minigame.

I’m probably picking this up for Frostpunk, Book of Demons, and Okami, though I’m pretty sure The Hax and Warstone TD have been bundled elsewhere before for less.


Had I not backed Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous on Kickstarter (with the tier that’ll give me another code to give away) and Frostpunk I might’ve got this one, even just for friends. As much as Okami is a classic, I can’t quite bring myself to get it yet. Maybe as I undoubtedly hear more about it I’ll pick it up before the bundle expires as I’m on Classic plan, so it’s as cheap as chips. Plus, it beats buying it now than it ever did - remember when it never saw a price drop on PS2 or Wii? It still retains that high price on the used market.

However, this does mean that I could get the other 10 games - miss PF:KM and Frostpunk, and grab some other games. The problem now is when will these games be bundled elsewhere for less, like Fanatical frequently has? If not during this bundle, then I’d imagine almost immediately after elsewhere.


You my spirit animal, (just joking). ^^


Project Warlock and Pathfinder also looks amazing.


Really keen on February’s games :grin:
They are almost all games I would really love to play and it’s my birthday month so it is perfectly timed :ok_hand:


Do I get to be an honorary squirrel? :upside_down_face:


Of course. ^^ :heart:


advanced hugs ^^


:heart: :hugs: