Humble Changed BTA Rules (Nevermind... I Was Being Stupid)

Just in case anyone else is doing price-locking and trying to get a lower BTA tier bundle now and for the future, Humble changed their pricing system it would appear.

I had a price lock at $4.86 for the middle tier, waited a little while before I committed to my purchase, the usual warning saying how much more I have to pay before i get the top tier showed up. I paid and went on my merry way.

But when I checked my purchases and keys a bit later, I realized that I only got the keys for the $1 first tier.

So it would appear that as of this bundle, the Humble giant has decided to screw people over if you try the old methods of getting your lower BTA prices.

I hope this is a one-time error, but I am afraid of trying it again… :fearful::scream::cold_sweat::grimacing::sob::rage:

Need to do a little bit more digging, but that will have to wait until I have time for it.

OMG I was being more than stupid… I don’t understand how the system screwed me over one penny.

What happened was I clicked the usual “Add this amount to unlock a certain tier” Somehow this ended up being one cent less than what I actually needed.

And so… I had to add one penny. But I paid with CC, so I could only do increments of 20 cents… So now it’s resolved… lol


Glad to hear it got resolved!