Humble Care Package Bundle

$30 for 27 games including some decent ones, depending on what you have already and what you like this might be a good deal for you


If you don’t already own Stardew Valley, Darkest Dungeon and Starbound, this is a good opportunity to pick up all three for $10 each (which is around the lowest price they are typically discounted). Everything else is just a nice bonus.


I would be interested in trading something for Stardew or Darkest if anyone ends up with a spare.

Of the lot in there, I only care about Darkest Dungeon, Grey Goo & Shadow Run, and sadly I can only play the first one cause slow PC.

You can’t play Shadow Run Returns on your PC? The system requirements are minimal. I was able to play it back in the day on a ~2010 MacBook (of all things).

How slow is a slow PC…I’d almost bet on it that my PC is older than yours and I’ve played loads of games more demanding than some of those (Ryse, Dead Space 3, FEAR 3)

As for the bundle…since it’s basically another Humble Repeat it’s a bit of a barrier for me to regard it as a good thing despite a few good entries there. It’s not even as if I own that many of them, just that there’s a lack of anything that grabs me enough not to just wait for inclusion in a smaller bundle in future.

Oh this deal looks pretty sweet but I’m in the process of quitting games right now. I wonder how long I’ll last. This bundle certainly isn’t helping. :joy:

I’ve never seen such interesting mix of things I love and things I despise.

I’ve got stardew, what have you got?

@DanosaurJr @xist
2005 Laptop

  • x86 Windows 7 Starter
  • Dual Core Celeron 2.1GHz
  • DirectX11
  • Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
  • 2 Gigs of RAM
  • I got a 1TB hard drive, so that’s good.

Looking at it, I might just be able to play it, I can play VN’s and some other low graphics games without overheating but it’s a very thin line, at least SAI still works if I keep myself under the threshold :\

I’ve got gray goo, shadowrun returns and grey goo: definitive. What have you got?
Edit: Upon looking at your comment again, I realise you might not be looking to trade like the poster above you. If you want to trade though, I’m here.

OK…you got me and my 2010 desktop beat. Just the fact I actually have a dedicated GPU, albeit one that’s almost 8 years old, nets me the victory!