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A bundle full of nostalgic titles like Mega Man, RE and Street Fighter.
A bit higher priced compared to their normal bundles.





Tis so cool. Gimme:

. Dragons Dogma - (dragon obsessed) - No I’m not playing Merge Dragons right now (lies)
. ResE 2
. Dead Rising 4

purr hit me up if you want to do trades or split or something

@Vindace More distractions?


@Danacscott, unfortunately it’s not RE2, it’s a goodies pack for RE2 in tier 1 and then a coupon for 50% off RE2 in tier 2… the game’s actually not in there.


I’ll take the mega man legacy collection for a $.


Man the pc version of dmc4 would be neat but $18 is a bit steep.


ooooooooooh I want all three tiers. Money is tight right now though with work lacking. I would maybe split with you though! I already own Strider and revelations.


Total meh, lol. Other two games I listed still yummy though.


I had to trade like a bandit for that. I know what you mean. T_T


Maybe I will get the first tier already got strider but ye for a dollar ya (well in my country it is £1 everywhere prices have gone up these days like humble bundle and fanatical since that isn’t dollar equivalent lol. I do wonder why they decided to raise the prices tho. Saying that the top tier is still dollar equivalent.)


It’s actually not a bad bundle at all, but it’s so fragmented and varied in terms of genre and quality, that I’d wager for most people if they just waited for sales they’d get what they want for less. (bearing in mind the rebundle factor in this one).


No idea why but you kindda reminded me of this one.