Humble BYOB THQ bundle

So Humble bundle invites us to bring our own booze and build a THQ bundle while under the influence, I guess that’ll make it easier for many to loosen up those purse strings and social inhibitions.

There’s a fair few good old games on offer here, quite a whole lot of mediocre games too that were alright at the time but certainly has not aged well.


So which do you find are mediocre? I’ve always wanted to play Legend of Kay and Summoner.


:+1: nice catch (guess humble gave up on sending me promotional emails? :thinking:)

hmm seems like mostly their older/smaller titles in this medley, and from a glance appears like i already have most i want at that price-point
but not a totally shabby selection of “oldies” tho :blush:


@Gnuffi I got one and another saying that Summoner is on sale since it’s in my Wishlist. Hm. Having fun looking at all the things. Alone in the Dark looks so much like a movie. :slight_smile:


the only one i would want from these is this is the police so if someone is buying and has a spot left open would they be so kind to purchase it for me? i have some keys that i can offer this special person

is there a region lock on these? I’m EU


If you are into action games/shooters you absoletly HAVE to consider RED FACTION®: ARMAGEDDON, it’s a shit ton of fun to blow aliens and structures alike up. Yes I like it a lot better than the original Red Faction.

Neighbours from Hell is AMAZING for kids (I know cause I played the demos when I was a kid and boi I laughed my arse off together wt my dad :blush:)

Chaser I own and idk how well regarded it was on release, but this game aged really really badly AND also gave me motion sickness…

ARCANIA: FALL OF SETARRIF is regarded badly afaik, but to me it was a fun ~4h ride into the universe of Gothic, it’s really more of a demo than a full game, but I dare say it’s fun if aquired for like a dollar.

I’m not a fan of Darksiders 2 (and I absolutely dig RPGs usually), but I guess I’m an exception.

My 2 cents for ppl who think about the bundle


Did someone say Alone in the Dark movie…

…having a lil’ fun at Uwe Boll’s expense…


…the only "good’ movie that Uwe Boll’s name was ever attached to…


Oh look at those social inhibitions go. Recommending Uwe boll movies now?
Just how drunk are you?


Alrighty then, hee hee. Why the joke about Uwe Boll though?


Technically speaking, F*** You All: The Uwe Boll Story, is only an Uwe Boll movie insofar as it is a documentary movie about Uwe Boll. Also, it was not directed by Uwe either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ugh, honestly because you said "Alone in the Dark looks so much like a movie. :slight_smile: ". In my head-space the chain events that led to the Uwe Boll joke went as follows…

Alone in the Dark → Movie → HAHAHA → Alone in the Dark Movie → Uwe Boll → All Uwe Boll movies are universally considered bad → Only good Uwe Boll movie was that documentary made about him, not by him.

Hopefully that clears up the confusion(?) :+1:

*Edit: I am so sorry I derailed this thread.


Yea, I know how that goes: One thing drives out another, so to speak. :stuck_out_tongue: Looked up the movie and it does have a whole 1 star. Lol. There a 1982 one by the same name with Donald Pleasance I’m watching now. Hope I can find the first Halloween movie online sometime. End of derailing thread. Cheers. :slight_smile:


heheh yea, i think i might just have “canceled” Humble promotional emails through my gmail settings and not the humble page, my secondary email got the message just fine :sweat_smile:

to be fair tho, darksiders (even2) was never really a real “rpg”, more like a hack 'n slash action adventure game -with couple of rpg elements tacked on then in the sequel
(and i have the sentiment that 2 iswas the weakest in the series tho because of it :+1:until 3 came)

anyways not a bad BYOB, only remark i would have is some probably haven been cheaper or bundled at some or another time in history -but that probably goes for most games these days, and not like a lot of these demand that kind of cents’ ultra penny-pinching anyways.


Been doing some research on stuff I found appealing.

Alone in the Dark - said to be good for Playstation, but not so much on Steam, hm.
Alone in the Dark 1, 2, 3 - First is good, second okay to good, 3rd not so good (Steam)

Black Mirror 1, II, III - so much want! (Have to double check if my little potato can run any)

Legend of Kay - cute, but likely won’t play nice with my old Logitech controller. (Yes, it’s an heirloom, lol)

Impossible Creatures - sounds fun and crazy. :slight_smile:

Bridge Project - def. can’t run it, but if anyone has played, how did you like it?

Summoner - last but not least. Been wanting this forever, since you er… summon stuff! :slight_smile: Now seeing it wants 3d capability, so might not be able to run it, despite its age. Flubber.


You called?


smirk What is that?


R.I.P. Robin Williams


75%-85% is great for a library as extensive as THQN’s. Now’s a great time to catch up on RF, Darksiders, and all the rest of their greats.

Just understand that THQN kind of owns everything they can get their hands on. That means there’s a lot of crap they’re sitting on, too.


Oh… I have a friend who says “Flubber” as an expression. Didn’t even remember the movie as I’m not a huge movie fan - more a reader. O_O. Nice repartee. Sorry I didn’t cotton to it. :slight_smile: )


If “Alone in the Dark” refers to the Eden reboot… YIKES! I own that one on Xbox 360. It’s not a good game. It’s good to laugh at for the first few hours as it breaks every rule of game design and in general is just confusing. Unlike similar games, though, it just becomes too tedious to see the trainwreck to the end, or even in many cases beyond the first act.

I know it by three names:

  • The game with the weird intro that’s worryingly similar to The Evil Within’s opening (though done terribly in comparison)
  • The game that took my love of Starbreeze/Far Cry 2 style first-person viewmodels/immersive controls and mocked me with it (click the right thumbstick to blink, use the right thumbstick to flail the chair you’re holding, reach into your jacket to get inventory stuff)
  • The game with the priceless line “I don’t have your stone, and f___ you anyway!”

Youch! From all I read and saw, don’t doubt ye on the quality. The movie doesn’t fare much better either. Unfortunately. It looked like a good concept, spooky but not gory. Already decided it’s not worth the time, but thanks the extra input. :slight_smile:

Now I wonder if the Black Mirror games have anything to do with the movie/series, not sure which was made.