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Humble Bundle: Sweet Farm Bundle


Tier 3 has Stardew Valley for anyone who hasn’t yet played and wanted to. This is about as good of a sale price for the actual game as it’s seen in a while I think…

Tier 3 is $10.

Tier 1:

BTA Tier:

Tier 3:


I was expecting more… Farming…games.


Yea… well, it’s not bad games in there. Stardew my bestie gifted me on GOG I think.


Farming???I have them all but the cat and chicken horse game :joy:


I even have that one in my Steam libray. No idea where from mind.


I’ve got none of these XD and I have been eyeing stardew… but the Witcher… and you know, everything else in my library


I got magicat on the switch
I dun really like niche tbh lool or at least it was pretty disappointing the last time i played it probably cos i expected something different.


Nah man go for it! Stardew is near perfect and Magicat is an alright game too, no idea about the rest.


Niche looks for me like a “what if we took Spore and made it good” game, can someone who disliked it elaborate why?


I don’t necessarily dislike it but it has issues. It’s pretty damn slow, very little customization and you can easily get yourself “stuck” by making some stupid choices (and have to just sit there until you die).


Stardew Valley is normally 9-10 dollars on Steam (sale), so it’s a steal imo, since it also comes with other games + is supporting a charity. Win-win situation.


SV is definitely worth it, but I (and propably a bunch of people) have it already