Humble Bundle Steam Keys Question

Ok. I went through my Humble Bundle backlog and found a few games I already have. I’ve never done this before, so this is a clarification question to you, actual forum people I trust (who can benefit from my abundant list of keys):

Can I click this and then send the key to another person to redeem?

Or is that key dead unless it looks like this:


Follow-up question:
Is there a way to see if a key is un-redeemed somehow? Like I clicked ‘Redeem’ and then Steam said I already owned it…is that key still good?

Sorry, I’m new to the whole ‘people are nice and I should give these keys away’ idea.


P.S. I have only a few that look like this…most of them have the Gift link, so those are clear how to gift.

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In my experience, the first example is totally fine to gift. Clicking it reveals the key and then you can copy and paste it to whoever you want to give it to. I actually haven’t seen the second type before, could that be an old format? I’m fairly sure the ones I’ve had looked like the first one and had the little gift icon beside them, but weren’t split button things like the second one, if you know what I mean.

Something to be aware of though is that I know Humble Bundle did/do a link to Steam thingy where you could link your account and auto-redeem keys. If anyone can weigh in on how that works that would be great, not something I’ve ever used.

As for the redeeming on Steam thing, I would guess that key is fine but that is purely a guess based on how freaking dumb it would be if it wasn’t.

Edited for clarity 'cause my God that was a confusing mess :joy:

Edit 2: Just went to check it out and both my unredeemed keys look exactly like the first example but without the gift icon next to them. I think that’s because they’re the free Outlast keys and I don’t think you can gift the freebies. I know for an absolute fact if I click on them it will just show the key to copy and paste so it can definitely be sent to someone else. But again, I don’t have a Steam account linked to Humble so I don’t know what would happen if you did.

I know that didn’t add any extra info but doesn’t hurt to be clear :thumbsup:


both are fine to gift
the only difference is in how it’s done and how a “used” key/entry will appear in your tab

1 gives a link, nice and simple for them to use and redeem themselves through humble
the other just reveals the key code directly (like from bundlestars as example), that you then copy paste to give/send manually

the added benefit of the link is when you click it, if there is a region lock, it will “warn you”, before finalized, so you can check/notify if applicable,
when it’s just the direct key code, you won’t know until you try to pop it in steam

un-redeemed keys is a bit tricky, sometimes humble takes their sweet ass time until they update your tabs
there is “hide redeemed keys” options in your key tab, but sometimes it will still even list “recently” used keys as if un-redeemed
(i’v had both codes/links appear as un-redeemed for several weeks some times, despite knowing for sure they were used, so it’s not always fast/perfect, but works as a indicator, and over a more time past it should correct tho. Also, links once generated wont say if used, just that it was generated, you will have to try and use/follow the link then to see if it says “claimed”)

as for direct steam redemption, i have never had keys truly “auto” redeem on steam(despite my account being linked). I still had to manually click a redeem button, then sign into/through steam on the browser before it did it “automatically” (so much for complete automation lol)
so i don’t think that should be a concern (unless others have other experiences?)

the reason some keys don’t offer the gift/link option is because it was intended as a pure personal use
this happens for instance with free/promotional games offered
likewise if you have your steam account linked, then if you already own the game, only the gift/link option will show, the redeem on steam/show code will appear as opaque/greyed out -(doesn’t count for free/promotional games tho, they still only have the redeem/show code option as they were meant for personal account use, but still equally giftable, just manually)

either way, whichever you chose to use/give, they will work equally fine for whomever you give it to, it’s just the manner of ease with which how it’s done



Thanks to you both. I now have confidence in my giftable Steam keys.



PS: oft forgot “secret” about humble gifts;
when you gift a game that is purchased to your account (unlike a whole purchase done entirely as gift), you get to keep the drm free version in your humble account, so you still “get the game”

a ton of games (especially on the indie bundles) comes with a non-steam version that is forever tied to your humble account,
so you can even gift games purely out of the good nature and generosity of your heart, yet still get the game yourself (just not added to your steam acc value/total),

your humble account has a personal drm-free library (sorta like GOG), worthwhile to check out, if wanting to give a gift to a friend, but still also keep a copy for yourself to get to try and play the game, without spending double the money ;), and if one can live with steam account games library wont increase by X :smile_cat:
(only counts for games/purchases with the Steam and the DRM-Free symbol/logo, but there are a decent bunch. Exceptions applies sometimes, where you are sometimes asked directly to choose between either drm-free or steam key when claiming/going to purchase page)


Sneaky gnomes. Always coming up with interesting ways to game the system.

Thanks for the info, @Gnuffi.