Humble bundle software deal w/ vpn

I know that it is less exciting on a week to week basis, but I get a bit more excited since I now don’t expect the bundles… they are surprises now!


My thoughts exactly. Humble Monthly was the only real reason I kept coming back. The nice thing about email notifications is that I don’t have to waste my time clicking on the site-- I can just see the word “Anime” and know to come back in two weeks.

I know, IGN memes and all, but I think I was a little too harsh on them in past threads over a few monthlies I had no interest in (in retrospect, Deus Ex MD is totally worth $12 if you don’t mind Denuvo, let alone that game combined with Mafia III or God Weeb 2). Not to mention, I have a feeling the old Humble would NEVER work out that insane Magix software bundle deal… and IGN-Humble did it TWICE, then they did it AGAIN!


Definitely go for the 1 dollar bundle. System Mechanics is worth it. It cleans up and optimizes your pc (more so than CC cleaner for instance).

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I, personally would’t even walk across the street for this bundle and I like decent software.

Only for someone who knows what they are doing. I have heard of so many people tanking their Windows because of a “Registry Cleaner”.


Guys, am I on crack or did they change the bundle?

Didn’t tier one include USD25 Proton Mail credit?

Am I going insane?


That was. the only thing. I was going to buy. This bundle for. I was about to buy it.

I am sincerely pissed the f off right now.

Can HumbleBundle get any more disappointing than the sad excuse of a bundle website that it already is?


I got it. Yours if you want it.


Man, it is such a fine service I’d recommend you try it out for yourself. I don’t wanna ask you for it without first telling you how worthwhile it is and encouraging you to spend it on yourself, honest. I’d recommend it to anyone.

I appreciate the thought and, if given some more thought you still figure you don’t want it, I’d like to have it. But only then. So think about it first, ok? :blush:

More than wanting it for myself, I’m angry that Humble would simply change tiers in a bundle.

ps: I wish I could give you a coin for your kindness, but I ran out of likes for today. Soon!


Delivery Gods cannot hear you without a coin :frowning:


Are people actually pissed because they can’t use a loop hole for almost free services? I mean I take chances like that when I get them too but it’s hardly something to be surprised over when they fix it.


It is my humble opinion that they should have thought about it before adding it to the tier 1. I think changing the bundle is a very unfortunate state of affairs.

So yeah, if you’re talking about me, I was angry. Not because I couldn’t use some ‘loophole’ – didn’t even know there was one until browsing Reddit – but because I wanted to pay for what they advertised they would give me.


They have altered the deal, pray they do not alter it further.
No but your disappointment is understandable and reasonable, but on the other hand they are also allowed to fix mistakes they make. They’re not obligated to keep an error for the duration of the sale, as long as they honour the purchases that were made before the offer changed.


Shock reveal of new Humble paymasters -


It was a factor that they should’ve considered but obviously missed. But you do see that it had to be changed right?


Of course.

Why are we having this conversation?


Because you’re both typing words?


Fair enough. We all got what we wanted in the end.

Time to leave. :butterfly: